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Candidate Outreach

089: Tactical Tuesday – Post-Placement Candidate & Hiring Manager Check-Ins ft. Vivien Maron

April 30, 2024

sam kuenhle
vivien maron

In this Tactical Tuesday episode, we explore what happens after a candidate has started a new job. As a recruiter, you’ve done a great job of matching candidate to placement — but what comes next?

Throughout the conversation, Sam and Vivien emphasize the importance of staying in touch with both the candidate and the hiring manager to ensure a successful placement — establishing check-ins with the candidate to ensure they have the tools to succeed and with the hiring manager to ensure the candidate is meeting expectations and to build a good working relationship. The communication methods (and frequency) can be tailored to the preferences of the candidate and hiring manager — bur keeping in touch, showing you care, and investing in the long-game approach with both parties can be a major differentiator as a recruiter.



00:00 – Podcast Intro
03:25 – The Art of Post-Placement Candidate Communication
05:30 – Leveraging Feedback from Hiring Managers
07:07 – Perfecting Post-Placement Touchpoints
12:03 – Best Practices for Candidate and Manager Communication
15:04 – Wrapping Up the Episode

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