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086: Trending Topic – Standing Out When Your Audience is *Burned* Out ft. Lex Winship

April 18, 2024

sam kuenhle
lex winship

In this Trending Topics episode, Sam and Lex discuss the challenge of standing out in a noisy digital environment. Everyone’s feeling the impacts of digital burnout right now — whether you’re a recruiter, a marketer, or a salesperson.

In an environment in which everyone is getting inundated with messages nonstop, how do you stand out? How do you create truly personalized content that goes beyond a merge field in the subject line of an email? We dive into all of this and more — highlighting the power of video, 1:1 interactions, and long-term relationship building.

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00:00 – Podcast Intro
02:12 – Digital burnout
10:39 – Digital overwhelm from candidates. niche down
15:56 – Personal outreach
20:28 – Understand your audience and find the best channels
23:48 – Video. Get the best of the new tool
35:55 – How to start with video. Pro tips
39:30 – Return to the old way of doing things
46:14 – Build relationships and plan long term
52:40 – Podcast Farewell

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