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Recruiting Strategy

078: Trending Topics – Do Work Trials…Work? ft. Lex Winship

March 21, 2024

sam kuenhle
lex winship
In this Trending Topics episode, we discuss the rise of work trials in the hiring process, diving deep into pros and cons, logistics, and more.
Throughout the conversation, we touch on:
  • When a work trial makes sense and when it isn’t really suitable
  • The pros and cons of work trials — including their ability to assess candidate skills and culture fit
  • The timing of work trials in the hiring process and the potential impact on candidate experience
  • Whether work trials should be paid or unpaid
  • How to advocate for or against a work trial with hiring managers
…And more.
Debating whether or not to incorporate a work trial into your hiring process? Check out this episode and let us know what you think!



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:58 – Work Trials: Definition and Advantages
03:29 – Pros of Utilizing Work Trials in Hiring
09:48 – Examining the Cons of Work Trials
13:20 – Incorporating Work Trials in the Interview Process
18:30 – The Importance of Equitable Work Trial Expectations
22:26 – Understanding When Work Trials Are Inappropriate
26:32 – Weighing the Option of Paid versus Unpaid Work Trials
38:18 – Work Trials: The Ultimate Verdict – Yes or No?

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