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068: Mic Drop – The ATS Won’t Exist in 3 Years ft. Matt Chambers

February 15, 2024

matt chambers
sam kuenhle

In this episode, Loxo’s CEO Matt Chambers joins us for a special Mic Drop episode in which he discusses the future of recruitment and the traditional ATS.

Matt’s POV is that the traditional ATS — and the traditional way of recruiting — will not exist in three years, due to rapidly changing market conditions and the introduction of new (better) technologies. The limitations of the traditional ATS will soon render it ineffective, and recruiters must evolve to keep up with their peers. As an alternative to ATS’ outdated and limited capabilities, Matt introduces Talent Intelligence Platforms as the future of recruitment — combined with a long-term strategic approach to hiring, using data-driven AI-powered products.

This is a HUGE episode if you’re looking ahead to the future of recruitment and wondering what comes next!



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:28 – The Future of Recruitment: Rethinking Traditional ATS
03:58 – Power of Data: Transforming Recruitment for Agencies
06:19 – Technology’s Role in Recruiting: Enhancing Efficiency
08:28 – Limitless Growth: Moving Past ATS Limitations
10:56 – Recruitment Revolution: Shaping the Future Landscape
17:55 – Parting Thoughts: Reflections on Recruitment’s Future

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