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057: Trending Topics – Avoid Email Purgatory Amid Changing Anti-Spam Rules ft. Ilia Cheishvili

January 4, 2024

sam kuenhle

Google and Yahoo are rolling out stricter guidelines for email sending starting February 2024 — and recruiters are (rightfully!) anxious about how this may impact their outreach.

In this episode, we break down these new anti-spam rules with Loxo’s CTO, Ilia Cheishvili. The new guidelines include authenticating outgoing emails, avoiding unsolicited emails, and simplifying unsubscribing — but it’s complex.

We dissect SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and DNS requirements, aiming to understand their impact — and along the way, we of course share actionable tips to help you avoid trouble and stay out of email purgatory.


00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:22 – Email Protocol Changes: Google and Yahoo’s Fight Against Spam
03:33 – The Impact of Email Guidelines on Recruiters’ Outreach Practices
04:58 – Email Security: The Role of SPF and DKIM
09:14 – Demystifying DMARC for Secure Email Transmission
10:56 – Exploring PTR and DNS: Email Sender Verification
14:26 – Delving into Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Safer Emails
15:58 – Simplifying Unsubscribe Options for Email Recipients
17:54 – Consequences of Ignoring Email Guidelines for Recruiters
21:28 – Balancing Outreach for Optimal Business Development and Candidate Outreach
26:02 – Parting Insights and Farewell for This Episode

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