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055: Trending Topics — LinkedIn’s Big Predictions for 2024 ft. Lex Winship

December 21, 2023

lex winship
sam kuenhle

In this Trending Topics episode, Sam is joined by Loxo’s Head of Brand and Content, Lex Winship, to discuss LinkedIn’s 34 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2024. The two dissect predictions ranging from the rise of fractional C-suite roles to the next iteration of AI products and how they will impact recruiters. Honing in on just a few of these big ideas — specifically the ones that relate the most to recruiters — Sam and Lex also decide, for each of them, how likely they think the prediction is to come to fruition. There are some laughs, some bold statements, and some interesting guesses made — don’t miss it!



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:28 – Dissecting LinkedIn’s Futuristic Predictions for 2024
03:02 – The Rise of Gig Economy in C-Suite: Impacts and Implications for Recruiters
09:41 – Expanding Remote Work: Shaping Future Employment Landscape
17:05 – AI Specialization and ChatGPT’s Future: Implications for Recruitment
24:28 – Employers and FOBO: Navigating the Fear of Becoming Obsolete in Hiring Practices
32:04 – AI in Hiring: The Battle between Applicant and Employer AI Usage
39:29 – Reversed Retirement Trend: The Resurgence of Retirees in the Workforce
47:37 – Podcast Farewell

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