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Incorporating Text Messaging into Your Recruiting Process

The great thing about text is that it can be leveraged in almost every stage of your recruiting process and replace canned email templates for a more personal feel. If you are unsure of where to start, here are four quicks wins to incorporating text into your communications with candidates.

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Texts to prospects is great way to engage cold candidates. However, as we mentioned previously, take note of who you are messaging before you hit send. If you want to take this approach, a great first message might look like:

“Hi Brooke, it’s Suzanne from <company A>. My client at <company B> is looking for their next Customer Success Manager, and you would be a perfect fit. Are you interested in chatting about the opportunity?”

It’s short, simple, and to the point, all while starting an active dialogue with the potential candidate. Be sure to include next steps and follow up if you don’t hear back.

Status Updates

One of job seekers’ biggest complaints is lack of follow up and transparency throughout the recruiting process. Often times, candidates can find themselves going weeks without updates. Text is the perfect solution to the problem. Even if you have no news to share at the moment, a simple text can help keep candidates engaged while they wait.

Hi Brooke, it’s Suzanne from <Company A>. I submitted your resume to the hiring manager today, and I am waiting for their feedback and next steps. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I hear something. Have a great day!”

You instantly put their mind at ease and avoid seeing that dreaded “just checking in” email popping up in your inbox. Most importantly, you create the perception that you are highly responsive and are committed to their success.

Interview Reminders

Interviewing can be a nerve wracking process, bringing even the best of us to our knees. While you can’t interview for your candidate, you can alleviate some of their stress by sending them a brief reminder the day before.

“Hi Brooke, just a friendly reminder that you have an interview with Loxo’s CEO, Matt Chambers, tomorrow at noon at their office on Walnut St. Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions!”

It’s a simple touch that can go a long way and will stand out as a memorable experience when reflecting on the recruiting experience.

Re-establish a Connection

Did you work with a candidate previously and now have another job opportunity for them? You could send them a brief text to renew the relationship and gauge their interest in your open roles.

“Hi Brooke, it’s Suzanne from <Company A>. I recruited you for your previous role at <Company B> X years ago. I noticed you updated your LinkedIn profile and think you would be a perfect for one of my open roles. Are you available to talk?”

Be sure fill in the blanks and mention how you were previously connected to craft a more engaging message.

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