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New integration: Loxo partners with VXT for VoIP and other communications

As part of Loxo’s ongoing commitment to making sure all of your business-critical needs are met, we’ve recently partnered with VXT for VoIP and other communications. 

We know that finding ways that go beyond email and InMail messages is critical to your outreach efforts and your ability to connect with candidates. That’s part of why we’re constantly on the hunt for new opportunities to make your candidate communications easier — through automated outreach campaigns, our Loxo mobile app, and more. 

Integrating a VoIP provider with Loxo can save you an hour a day on admin, and VXT is another great option to add to our marketplace.

VXT has features that allow you to sync your calls, SMS, and notes — to automate your record-keeping, mitigate risk, and win more placements. You can read more about each of these features at VXT’s Loxo integration page.

What VXT x Loxo looks like in practice

Call recording and transcription

VXT makes it easy to record important calls — automatically transcribing call recordings, suggesting relevant candidates to save it to, and making it easy to review specific parts of the conversation at a later date.  You can even switch on enforcement settings for your entire organization, to make sure that calls are always recorded, mitigating risks.

Integrate your SMS

VXT’s SMS integration with Loxo enables you to maintain a comprehensive record of all relevant SMS communications for every candidate.

‍Always know who’s calling

VXT syncs your contacts from Loxo, displaying names and notes so you always know who is calling before you answer the phone. You can also simply search by name in the app when you want to make a call.

‍Click to call from Loxo

Make calls straight out of Loxo by simply clicking a link that opens the VXT app, initiating a call within seconds.

‍Mobile and desktop apps

You can take calls from anywhere using VXT’s mobile or desktop applications — the Loxo integration works on both!


Track call numbers and performance on both an individual and organization-level basis so you can double-down on winning behaviors.

Use another tool and wish it integrated with Loxo?

Talk to our partnerships team! We’re always looking to expand our integrations in order to serve you better and wouldn’t want the lack of an existing integration to be a barrier to you using our Talent Intelligence Platform. With this addition, we now have four options for fully-integrated calling, SMS, and WhatsApp within Loxo — in addition to a growing list of other services. Check out our full list of integrations here. 

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