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NEW FEATURE: Put your recruiting on autopilot with Email Automation

With Loxo, there’s no need for executive search and staffing recruiters to jump between different tools ever again. You can source, qualify, and engage (email, call, and even text) candidates all from Loxo. Now, you can take your communications up a level or five with email automation.

Loxo’s launches email automation. Available now for all premium users.

Put your email on autopilot.

The Loxo platform is getting more powerful! In addition to our existing ATS, CRM, recruitment AI, contact information finder, and sourcing automation, Loxo just launched email automation, as an addition to our already robust recruitment marketing suite. The new feature is now available to all Loxo premium users.

With email automation, users can create a sequence of email templates that will be sent out to an entire list of candidates, turn it on autopilot, and sit back. Email automation will send your message to each candidate until they respond, eliminating the need to create calendar reminders and manually follow up.

More placements. Less effort.

Now, you can make more placements with far less effort in much less time than it would take to manually follow up! The possibilities are endless when leveraging email automation to streamline recurring communications. You can build campaigns to:

It’s so easy! Even recruitment marketing novices can quickly master.

The new premium feature offers a simple-to-use interface. With a few clicks of a button, Loxo users can now build automated email drip campaigns, a sequence of pre-built emails that will be delivered on a schedule of your choosing.

Loxo users can link email automation to any open role and create distribution lists based on candidates’ stages in the hiring pipeline. Users can then tailor each message with personalization tokens, choose when each email in the sequence gets sent, and put their feet up and watch Loxo work for them.

Once sent, emails are automatically recorded in the contact’s event stream, preventing candidates from slipping through the cracks and giving you more insight into contact activity.

The best part is there’s no need to worry about manually updating your email lists. As soon as new candidates are added to the designated hiring stage, they will automatically be added to email drip campaign. Once they are advanced to a new stage, they will be removed from the campaign.

Pretty straightforward, right? Only one question remains. What will you do with all your new free time?

For the email automation best practices, check out our blog post, WAIT! Don’t send that email. The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Automation.

Loxo’s launches email automation. Available now for all premium users.

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