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Making Your Applicant Database a Strategic Advantage

It’s not enough to simply integrate a database into your recruiting firm and expect your metrics to start improving. 

Yes, certain things like organization and efficiency will happen relatively seamlessly with a competent ATS or CRM. It’s up to recruiters, however, to maximize their technology and delegate tedious roles in order to turn your database into a real strategic advantage.

This article will overview how you can utilize your databases in order to streamline steps in the recruiting process, maximize productivity, and provide your team with more time towards the human aspects of recruitment. 

What is an Applicant Database?

So, what is an applicant database? 

An applicant database usually comes in the form of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Management Relation (CRM). A competent applicant database will store valuable information on candidates, streamline tedious tasks in the recruitment process, track candidates’ activity rates, allow you to create and post jobs, and move candidates through every stop in the hiring process with ease and simplicity.

The best way to maximize your use of your database is by integrating your ATS with your CRM. By doing so, you’re ensuring that you aren’t wasting time on streamlining tasks that don’t add value to the recruiting process in the long run. 

Here are some of the functions of an ATS/CRM:

How Does an Applicant Database work?

Applicant databases gather and store resumes for recruiters and hiring teams to access and reference. Because most recruiters take only six seconds to review a resume, an applicant database, like an ATS, is an excellent space to efficiently store resumes in a way that you can review them quickly and seamlessly. 

With the help of automation and artificial intelligence, smart candidate sourcing tools and databases can rank your candidates for you, eliminating the time-consuming process of ordering and ranking the candidate list on your own. 

Additionally, applicant databases streamline time-consuming processes with the keyword search capabilities and resume formatting algorithms that keep every candidate organized and in order.

Turning your Applicant Database into a Strategic Advantage

When your ATS and CRM are working in unison, you guarantee that you maximize the efficacy of your applicant database. 

When you facilitate and optimize the hiring process with your ATS, you’re going for short-term gains in the recruiting process. An ATS will help you source, screen, and move your candidates through the recruiting process without having to manually intervene in every step of the recruiting process. Already, you’re improving key metrics like cost per hire, time to hire, and quality of hire with an ATS.

By integrating a CRM, however, you’re ensuring that all the benefits you’ve gained in the hiring process can be used for long-term strategies. A CRM can help you identify trends, hiring patterns, and keep track of active and passive candidates. By relying on your CRM, you make sure that every piece of data in the hiring process can be stored and used later down the line.

With a fully integrated ATS/CRM, recruiters can make smarter and well-informed hiring decisions, build talent pools, create long-term strategies, and develop outreach campaigns by utilizing the contact information and activity rates in their databases. 

Applicant Database AI and Automation

Loxo’s proprietary sourcing technology and innovative ATS+CRM applications give you all the tools you need to turn your applicant database into a strategic advantage. Loxo’s leading the way when it comes to database technology, and we want to make the recruiting process as simple and enjoyable as possible. 

Leveraging Loxo’s AI you can easily source your existing applicant database for candidates for your latest jobs, or use the AI name generator to create a net-new source of candidate profiles.

It’s not enough to streamline limited aspects of the recruiting process; Loxo’s intelligent database will support your long-term strategic goals while simplifying the day-to-day recruiting tasks and needs. Maximize your technological capabilities and try Loxo today.

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