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Loxo launches Loxo Connect™ to help you recruit faster

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Loxo Connect™

Today we are formally launching Loxo Connect.

Your role in the talent acquisition process extends well beyond the final submittals, and one of the biggest value adds is your ability to build relationships across the market as efficiently as possible.

The process of finding a candidate with in-demand skills who also fits well into an organization’s culture, is a time consuming process and speed-to-market sets you apart from other recruiters.

We built Loxo to help you make the perfect hire, and a core part of helping you do that is automating your most time consuming tasks. This is why you can’t afford to recruit without Loxo Connect™.

Loxo Blog
Loxo Connect™

Our new green button makes finding personal contact information for candidates as simple as one click.

The proprietary technology behind Loxo Connect™ validates hard-to-find, publicly available data, so that you can connect with top candidates faster.

We’re excited to share this new tool with you because we know that if you only had more time — and a much higher response rate — you could qualify more candidates, dramatically increase your bottom line and improve client relationships.

The good news is, our Loxo software suite is getting smarter; and by adding Loxo Connect™ to your recruiting toolbox, so are you.

In fact, there are a few reasons why you simply cannot afford to continue recruiting without Loxo Connect™.

  1. For the first time in recruiting history, you will be able to access verified personal contact information for any person, including personal emails and mobile numbers. We also deliver other contact methods including company emails and phone numbers so you will have every contact method you could ask for at your finger tips. There are plenty of companies out there that tout extensive B2B databases with 95% accuracy. None of them provide personal contact information for passive talent with anywhere near this level of reliability.
  2. You have a competitive advantage with Loxo Connect. World-class recruiting agencies have been using Loxo Connect™ for several weeks now to make sure our tool is the industry best. If your competition is connecting with candidates faster than you are, they are also closing more than you are.
  3. Alternative tools for contacting candidates directly are saturated with recruiting messages that are often missed by passive candidates. Think tools like LinkedIn’s InMail, Indeed’s direct contact and social channels like Twitter’s DM. As you know, the best talent is never looking for a job, but they are often checking their personal email. Their mobile phones are always within reach.
  4. Administrative recruiting tasks are being automated every day. By using recruiting tools like Loxo Connect™, you are automating administrative research and data entry, and spending more time meeting top candidates. This drives more revenue and lowers your labor costs.

So how does it work?

We’re glad you asked.

Loxo users probably noticed our fancy new Loxo Connect™ button in the user interface. Follow this step to connect with your candidates:

Step 1: Click the Loxo Connect button and you will receive your candidate’s personal contact information. Yep, just one step.

If you are not already a Loxo user, we recently added a new Launch Package to provide access to Loxo Connect™, and the best part is, it’s free! You can begin using our world-class software to manage your relationships and automate your work flow today. Once you sign up, you will have access to Loxo and Loxo Connect™.

Loxo Blog
Loxo Connect™

It is that simple, but we know you may have questions. Our Loxo team is ready to help so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Email support@loxo.co and we’ll get back to you in a snap.

Lastly, when you try Loxo Connect, let us know what you think in the comment section below. Happy connecting!

Loxo Blog
Loxo Connect™

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