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Loxo Introduces Web 3.0 AI Recruiting Platform With Free Version

The Visually Stunning AI-Based Recruiting Platform Will Be Irresistible to Recruiters Across the Globe

Loxo, a leader in the emerging web 3.0 era, today introduced a stunning new version of their artificial intelligence recruiting platform while also announcing a completely free plan.

Loxo is a best-in-class enterprise recruiting SaaS company that specializes in using AI and machine learning to help drive better recruiting decisions. The Loxo platform also creates a unified and seamless experience by combining the features that recruiters need on a daily basis such as: ATS, CRM, email automation, SMS texting, VoIP calling, personal contact information and candidate sourcing automation.

“If Salesforce, IBM Watson, SalesLoft/Outreach.io, and the world’s most comprehensive professional directories were to combine forces and launch a recruiting technology company in 2020, the end result would be Loxo,” said Matt Chambers, Founder and CEO of Loxo. “The modern recruiting organization requires a much more sophisticated technology stack to stay competitive, however technology’s only job is to increase productivity. We are obsessed with solving our customers problems in the most efficient and simple way possible.”

The six-and-a-half-year-old company is highly focused on innovation and releases more than 200 product enhancements a year. Among the exciting recent developments from Loxo:

The latest developments, come on the back of triple digit growth from 2018, including doubling the number of employees over the last five months. With overflowing demand, the company plans to see rapidly accelerating growth in its next fiscal year.

“I invest hundreds of hours each year researching the latest in recruiting technologies and have demoed thousands of tools. I selected Loxo for my own organization out of more than 1,100 applicant tracking systems in the marketplace,” said Tim Sackett, Top 10 Global HR Influencer, President HRU Technical Resources, President Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals and Author. “Loxo is light-years ahead of its competitors. Team’s leveraging Loxo will have an immediate strategic advantage and see productivity and recruiter effectiveness skyrocket.”

About Loxo

Loxo is a best-in-class enterprise recruiting SaaS company specializing in AI and machine learning, combining an ATS and CRM, and includes email automation, SMS texting, VoIP calling, personal contact information and candidate sourcing automation all-in-one easy to use platform. Loxo’s cloud platform makes every aspect of modern recruiting and talent acquisition simple, so companies can find and hire the very best possible talent faster. Learn why more than 950 recruiting organizations across the globe trust Loxo at loxo.co

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