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Remote Recruitment Tips From Loxo ATS

Over the last decade, the world has made incredible technological advancements that have enabled us to work from anywhere and complete our daily tasks virtually. It is no surprise that remote recruitment is becoming more virtual. Employees have proven that they can work remotely and still achieve their goals and be productive.  Companies have had to adopt virtual hiring and onboarding as a way to remain competitive. Thankfully, with the help of technology, companies can connect with potential employees remotely. Using technologies like Loxo ATS recruitment software is essential to managing your recruitment process virtually. Below is a look into remote recruitment and tips to consider when hiring virtually.

What is remote recruitment, and why is it important?

As the name suggests, remote recruitment is the process of finding employees virtually, scheduling interviews with job applicants from different locations. Also, companies want to hire the best possible talent without restrictions. According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of remote workers has increased by 159% in recent years. 

During this Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are encouraging employees to work from home. However, these businesses have moved to a completely remote workforce and continue with online recruitment and hiring practices. The American Psychological Association has even recommended remote work saying that it has led to increased job satisfaction.

Remote recruitment tips 

Identify critical traits for potential employees.

One of the essential processes of remote recruitment is finding the right candidate. However, as much as most people would love to work from home, not everybody has the right set of skills and experience for a particular job. Some traits that remote recruiters should look for in a candidate are:

Ask the right questions. 

Unlike the typical office setup, remote work requires candidates interested in the job, hardworking, and can work remotely without supervision. As such, you should ask the right questions during the recruitment process. The questions should relate to the preferred attributes that your candidate should possess. Based on the traits of your preferred candidate listed above, you can ask these questions.

Choose the right tools.

Choosing the right recruitment software for your business ensures that you get a perfect fit for your job. However, technological advancements have led to software creations such as Loxo ATS Remote recruitment software that matches you with the right candidates for your job listing. Familiarizing yourself with the software is beneficial in speeding up the process.

 Engage your candidates through structured multichannel communications 

Undeniably, multichannel communication approaches are more reliable as compared to using single communication channels. Determining which channel to use for different stages of the recruitment process is essential. For example, emails should be used to send out offers to candidates, whereas calls and text messages should give urgent information such as shortlisting applicants.

Crafting excellent job ads 

The purpose of a job ad or listing is to help candidates understand what your remote job entails. To achieve this, you should ensure that your job descriptions are clear and accurate. Moreover, According to a CareerBuilder survey, posting a video for your ad can also boost views by 12% and raise applications by 34% compared to ads based on images and text. Moreover, running online tests are a great way to shortlist and screen candidates. As a remote hiring manager, looking beyond technical skills by creating open-ended questionnaires is vital. In conclusion, these quizzes assess skills, personality, and leadership skills while at the same time giving your applicants a great experience.

Data privacy 

The importance of data privacy in remote recruitment is overlooked. Similar to a company’s data, you should prioritize safeguarding current and potential employee data. Furthermore, guaranteeing the confidentiality of potential employees maintains your company’s integrity.

 Remote recruitments, as seen, run smoothly with the right set of tools to help with your recruitment strategy. It is time for companies to accept that remote working is the new norm by redefining their recruitment structure. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you and your team streamline your workflow through our Loxo ATS recruitment software customized for your daily needs.

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