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Is your recruiting data secure?

Five mission critical questions to ask your recruiting software provider

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You may have never questioned if your recruiting data is secure, but we’re here to tell you, you should.

Recruiting executives cringe when they consider switching to a new applicant tracking system (ATS) as this has notoriously been a nightmare, and largely because 9 out of 10 recruiting software vendors have outsourced this mission-critical task.

Migrating data is challenging but instead of outsourcing this task, Loxo decided to roll up our sleeves and solve our customers’ pain points ourself.

So should you be concerned about your data?

We’ve migrated millions of records per day from more than 30 different software vendors and it was during this process that our CTO sparked the idea for this blog post.

During a recent data migration, our development team noticed that there were fundamental security practices not being followed in our competitor’s database.

As we dug into this problem further, we realized basic software principles are not followed in 95 percent of the databases we import your information from.

Our customers have switched to Loxo because the benefit of switching, far exceeds the cost of staying on a sinking ship.

Loxo is processing more and more migrations from our competitors every day and we know this is not only because our product has dramatically improved over the past couple of years, but we’ve also invested the time to eliminate the primary risks for our customers.

We have made the migration to our platform simple, fast and secure in order to ensure your workflow is uninterrupted.

After processing millions of records a day and securing our clients’ data in our systems, we thought other recruiting executives would want to know if their data is secure or not, regardless of if they use our tools.

So without further ado…

5 questions you should ask your recruiting software provider to determine if your data is secure:

1. How do you store your passwords?

Let your representative find this answer for you. If your provider stores passwords in plain text, then you and your candidates are at risk for identity theft as well as the other negative impacts of having personally identifiable information stolen. You’ve heard these data leak horror stories from Gawker, Target and of course, Ashley Madison.

What you want to hear: “We don’t even know what your password is.” Loxo encrypts your passwords so that you and your candidates are protected. Once you enter your password in our system, the only way to recover it is to reset it. Even we can’t see your password information.

2. How do you store your credit card data or payment information?

If your software provider stores your credit card information, you are at risk of having your credit card stolen. Only credit card merchants should have this access.

What you want to hear: “We don’t touch payment information.” When you pay for Loxo, your computer talks directly to industrial-strength credit card merchants. Since we don’t store your credit card data, there is no room for hacking mistakes to be made.

3. Is it possible for me to lose my data?

If your software provider isn’t keeping copies of your data, you could lose everything in an instant. Ask your representative how they back up your data.

What you want to hear: “No, we back up your data to make sure this doesn’t happen.” Loxo keeps copies of your data in multiple regions throughout the U.S. so that even if disaster strikes, you will still have access to your data.

4. Do you store historical snapshots of all activity in my database?

Have you ever accidentally wiped out a bunch of data and immediately realized you needed it back — now? If your provider isn’t storing historical snapshots of your candidate database, it is possible that recovery is not an option in these situations.

What you want to hear: “We store snapshots of your database every time you make a change.” Loxo makes sure that even when accidents happen, we can recover your data.

5. Can other recruiting agencies accidentally or intentionally access my data?

Some platforms aren’t cautious when developing their permissions and it is possible for another agency recruiter to unintentionally (or intentionally) access candidates in your database.

What you want to hear: “No, we protect the permission structure of every database in our system.” Only recruiters from your agency can access candidates from your database with Loxo’s permission setup.

If you are a modern-day recruiter, chances are you are using technology to keep track of your recruiting activities.

You are probably using an applicant tracking system, customer relationship management (CRM) tool, and maybe you are ahead of the curve and have identified a contact finder tool as well.

Loxo’s recruiting software combines all of the above tools into one seamless operation and our clients are choosing us over our competitors because we are the simplest, fastest and most secure recruiting software in the market.

Regardless you should make sure your data is secure. We hope this blog helps you start those mission critical conversations.

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