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Recruiting Status Report Tips

Recruiting status reports ensure a positive and transparent relationship between recruitment agencies and clients.

However, often, these reports help clients quantify their progress and manage deliverables to keep them in a good place.

Status reports ensure that clients and agencies are on the same page, ensuring that no candidates slip through the cracks.

What is a Recruiting Status Report?

A recruiting status report details the progress made on a project over a given period. 

Reports help clients feel good and organized when reviewing, interviewing candidates, and making hiring decisions. 

Whether weekly or monthly, status reports need to guide clients and build confidence in your company’s abilities.

Here are some Datapoints that your status report should have.

Including all of the data points we’ve listed in your report will make your clients happy. However, the more detailed the information and the more frequent, the more time you are not spending time working on the project. 

When deciding how thorough your agency’s status reports should be, always balance clients’ desires with the time you and your recruiters demand to prepare these reports.

Are Recruitment Status Reports Still Necessary?

Recruiting status reports help ensure good client relationships by giving them essential information on your progress, but they can be a challenging time suck for your recruiters when prepared manually.

Ultimately, Recruiters write status reports instead of completing tasks to move the recruitment project forward.

The procedure will eat away at recruiters’ efficiency and the hiring process’s speed if they are preparing weekly reports for multiple clients.

So, are recruiting status reports still necessary?

Yes and no.

Should you update your clients with data demonstrating your progress with their recruiting project?


Is it necessary for this data to be prepared manually and input into a template labeled “recruiting status report?


So, while the information provided in a recruiting status report is indispensable for keeping clients satisfied, collaborative, and up-to-date, the writing format is secondary.

The Future of Recruiting Status Reports

There will be no recruiting status reports, only recruiting project status data that are easy to share with your clients.

Loxo is an all-in-one recruiting platform that eliminates the time-consuming process of preparing recruiting status reports by creating sharable reports in minutes.

With Loxo, exporting a status report from your dashboards is easy!

Instead of dropping what you’re doing to start an impromptu report for an impatient client, you can provide the information your clients want the minute they ask for it.

To see how easy it is to prepare sharable recruitment project data for clients, schedule a demo of Loxo, and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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