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How to Streamline the End-to-End Recruitment Process

With the help of technology, artificial intelligence, and automation recruiting, recruiting agencies and HR teams now have a myriad of ways to streamline each step in the recruiting process.  

The end-to-end recruiting process can be laid out in six steps. The six steps in chronological order are preparation and planning, sourcing candidates, screening, selecting, hiring, and onboarding. 

Loxo will be with you along every step of the way, showing you how our various automation and technology functions has all the tools you need to improve key recruiting metrics and streamline otherwise tedious and time-consuming tasks.  

Preparation: Step 1 of the End-to-End Recruiting Process

The first step in the hiring process is to establish and define the ideal candidate and or candidate persona that you’re trying to reach. Once you’ve established your ideal hire, you need to create a detailed job description. Loxo will connect your post to several job search websites and share your description across social media channels. 

One way to streamline this process is by referring to the valuable data in your CRM. Loxo’s CRM provides you with details on candidates and seasonal trends so you know when and where to extend your post to reach the best candidates. 

 By reviewing the kind of skills and experience that successful candidates had in the past, you can create a thorough and accurate description of the kind of candidates you’d like to attract in the future. 

Sourcing: Step 2 of the End-to-End recruiting Process

Loxo provides recruiters with the world’s first intelligent sourcing assistant. Loxo’s sophisticated AI gathers candidates from hundreds of databases, giving you more reach and access to top talent. 

Rather than spending hours culling together 10 or 15 candidates, Loxo’s AI candidate sourcing will give you the freedom to focus on other aspects of the recruiting process while it gathers 50 top candidates for you. 

The process is as simple as telling Loxo what kind of candidate you’re looking for, submitting your credits, and letting Loxo take care of the rest. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive an email with 50 top candidates and plenty of time on your hands to take on other important tasks. 

Screening: Step 3 of the End-to-End Recruiting Process

Once you’ve sourced a number of resumes and candidates, Loxo will help you parse through resumes to screen your remaining candidates.

Loxo’s powerful CRM+ATS technology provides you with tools to augment the resume and create insights. A powerful ATS will include automated screening, eliminate data entry, simplify your workflow, and maximize your productivity. 

Selection: Step 4 of the End-to-End Recruiting Process

The best and most tested method for selection has been and remains to be interviews. Despite how a candidate may look on paper, seeing them face-to-face will be the best way to evaluate their suitability and work readiness.

While it might be difficult to integrate technology into the interviewing portion of the recruiting process, you can keep your knowledge of your candidates neatly organized in your database with your CRM. Additionally, you can refer to your CRM for other valuable data that could help you form questions in your interview and act as a reference point to draw information from. 

Hiring: Step 5 of the End-to-End Recruiting Process

This part of the hiring process has most do with organizing and ensuring a positive candidate experience. You want to follow up with your candidates, be available to them for questions, inform them of important dates and deadlines, and cull together any last-minute documentats or items necessary for their employers.

Again, referring to your CRM to keep deadlines, contact information, and other valuable data close at hand is a great way to stay on top of the hiring process. 

Onboarding: Step 6 of the End-to-End Recruiting Process

Onboarding is one of the most overlooked but important steps of the recruiting process. If you can’t get it right at the end of your recruiting cycle, then all of the effort and time spent on the previous 5 steps will have been to no avail.

What scares off candidates most at this point in the hiring process is a lack of guidance. If you’re an independent recruiter, there’s little you can do at this point as its up to your clients to take the client in and integrate them into their company. What you can do, however, is keep them posted, follow up weeks into their job, and maintain a steady line of communication.

If your recruiting in-house for your company, ensure that there’s a welcoming orientation or introductory path that familiarizes your new hire with the company culture and team members.

Loxo is dedicated to making recruiting easier for you, your clients, and your candidates. Our sophisticated technology will back you up every step of the way and make the recruiting process is simpler and easier to manage than ever before.

Streamline every step of your recruiting process and try the Loxo demo today.

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