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How to Run a Successful Recruiting Company

Success is measured in many ways, but there’s one measure of success that beats the rest: the financial success of your recruiting company.

To run a financially successful recruiting company, you need to have a reputation that clients can trust and make high quality placements for these clients before your deadline.

You can’t have success without delivering great results for clients, and these best practices will show you how to leverage the great work that you do into more new business and more success for your company.

Always be Closing New Business for your Recruiting Company

“Always be closing” is a classic sales motto that is essential to your recruiting company’s success, because gaps between major contracts hurts your bottom line.

The most successful recruiting companies manage a continuous schedule of clients, grow their ability and capacity to serve clients and successfully close a higher number of projects, earn more per contract or otherwise get the most bang for their recruiting buck.

Here’s how it’s done.

Always Be Closing New Business

To close more new business, clients need to see evidence that your company is the perfect choice for their hiring needs.

From the leads you choose to the evidence you provide, your pitch process needs to play to your company’s strengths and the expertise of your recruiters.

Use these best practices to hone your pitch and prove that you are the right company for a new client’s needs:

Always Manage your Bandwidth

You need to close more new business, but you also need to manage your bandwidth to be successful.

It’s terrible for your company’s reputation to over-promise and underdeliver, so never spread yourself too thin as you take on more work.

By delivering great results on-time, you can generate a large volume of positive feedback, satisfaction statistics and testimonials, all of which will help you to close more business and start projects with higher levels of client confidence.

Use these best practices to help manage your bandwidth and maintain a fully-booked schedule:

Always Choose the Right Recruiters for Each Project

To keep new clients calling, recruitment projects need to close successfully and on-time.

You will need good recruiting tools to provide this value to clients but, more importantly, you need to choose the right recruiter for the job for each new project that your company takes on.

Here’s how you choose the right recruiter or recruiters for new projects:

Always Collaborate with Clients

You’re the one being contracted by your client, but collaboration with clients is essential for ensuring successful, accelerated conclusions to search projects.

By securing buy-in from clients at the beginning of projects and setting the expectation that they will get better results by cooperating you, better results is exactly what you will get.

From the increased insight you get into client hiring needs to greater client confidence in the candidates you present, having a collaborative process ensures better client relationships and better results for your recruitment projects.

Always Present Ready-to-Hire Candidates

Every candidate you present to clients must be “ready-to-hire,” meaning that they are fit for the role, available now or in the near future and intrigued by the job opportunity.

If you can ensure all presented candidates meet these criteria, you will have happier clients who never choose a candidate that is unavailable, unqualified or uninterested in the role.

Always Use Technology to Your Advantage

The success of your agency depends on the talents of you and your recruiters, but success also depends on keeping up with your competitors by using technology to your advantage.

Here’s how your company should be using technology to your advantage:

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