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How to Promote Your Recruiting Business

Recruiting firms offer a vital service and are constantly in demand, but with so many recruitment companies out there, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

To get more business for your agency and build greater awareness for your company, you can employ a variety of marketing strategies for staffing agencies to elevate your industry standing and get your name out to more companies who need your services.

We’ve listed below several promotional methods that can be performed in-house by your staff to boost your firms’ visibility to potential clients and candidates.

How to Promote Your Recruiting Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most potential clients will use a search engine like Google when researching their options for a staffing agency. Because of this, search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important part promotional strategy.

SEO is the process of improving a website’s pages and content so they appear in searches connected to specific keywords and phrases. This is an effective strategy for any marketing campaign, but for recruitment purposes, you can focus your efforts on optimizing for searches related to employment in your industry.

With SEO, you can discern the most common words and phrases people use when conducting searches within your markets. Then, you can work to improve your rankings for those keywords – making it easy for top applicants to find you.

Job Site Listings

Another common resource many people use along with search engines is job listing sites. These sites are useful because they eliminate the process of finding employment pages on different companies’ websites, and instead aggregate all relevant information into a central hub. Many also make it easy to tailor search options for open positions by job title, industry, and company.

As a recruiter, you can upload listings to these sites for free. Giving your agency potential exposure at no risk.

Additionally, most job listing sites give the option for sponsored listings, which will guarantee that your post is seen by a larger number of people. These paid listings use user data to show up for the users they’re most relevant to.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a one-stop shop for almost every promotional and marketing strategy out there, and recruitment is no exception.

LinkedIn is particularly valuable, because it’s the only social network intended specifically for professionals. In fact, Linked in profiles are essentially virtual resumes, so many companies use it to find and recruit top talent within their industries.

Similar to the job listing sites, LinkedIn also has the option of running paid and sponsored posts.

Beyond LinkedIn, there is a bevy of other social media platforms that you can promote through. Although platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t specifically tailored for job listings, you can still devise marketing campaigns and listings to run on them.

Create Compelling Content

One of the best ways to attract clients and candidates to your firm is to establish it as a reputable, knowledgable, and trustworthy institution. You can accomplish this by sharing you and your team’s insight through webinars, vlogs, written blog posts, podcasts, and any other medium you can think of. Outside of content that you host on your site, you can also try to get articles published in industry publications. As helpful as a solid marketing campaign can be, it’ll only help if people view you as a credible source for recruitment.

The resources don’t have to be complex. Just break down elements of your industry. Talk about the best interview questions, the best methodologies for screening candidates, or how to best prospect new clients. These resources will help to establish you as an authority on recruiting and promote you as a viable firm for clients and potential candidates.

Optimize Your Firm’s Pages

Let’s say the SEO and listings worked, and you’ve caught someone’s attention. According to metrics provide by LinkedIn, there is a 75% chance that this person is going to go in-depth and research your firm’s reputation before reaching out. That being said, your agency’s social media profile is often one of the first places a new candidate or client will will go, whether it is on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. It is essential that you make sure these profiles are up to date and reflective of your agency’s brand and voice.

Make Sure:

Having a good social media page is one of the easiest ways to bring in new business.

Newsletters and Email Lists

At every point in your promotional campaign, give people who are interested in the option to sign up for a mailing list. A regular email, sent out bi-monthly or so, that includes recent blog posts, market information, testimonials from satisfied clients, and so forth is a brilliant way to consistently remind potential clients and candidates about your firm. This will also help to streamline your promotional process because as your mailing list grows so does your potential talent pool. Even if someone isn’t interested right now, the newsletters will keep them in contact with you until they are.

Final Thoughts: How to Promote Your Recruiting Business

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