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How to Make Your Recruiting Projects Run Like Clockwork

Each recruiting project comes with its own unique challenges, but your recruitment process methodology should be repeatable no matter the demands of a specific client or recruiting project.

Just like clockwork runs more smoothly on masterfully crafted components, recruiting companies are more successful when the results they provide tick on at a steady and reliable pace through their masterfully constructed systems and processes.

You wouldn’t buy a watch that runs slow or fast, so why would you hire a recruitment company that provides inconsistent results?

Your agency running like clockwork means you can:

When you can get your agency’s recruitment process down to a repeatable, scalable science: that’s clockwork recruiting.

Below are best practices for getting your recruitment process to run like clockwork.

Conduct Candidate Research Like Clockwork

When you have a research process that runs like clockwork, you will have more candidates in your pipeline who will be perfect for the requirements of your clients. This way, you can impress new clients with a stack of qualified candidates who are used to being updated with job opportunities that align with their career goals.

Here’s how to make your research process run like clockwork:

Here’s how Loxo helps your research deliver more reliable results with your research in less time:

Loxo Chrome Extension –  Loxo’s chrome extension allows you to quickly add candidates to Loxo from LinkedIn, Indeed, Angelist and GitHub with a single click. You already use these resources, so why not use them better?

Loxo Connect – There’s no reason to scour the internet for a top candidate’s email anymore. Loxo Connect finds personal and professional emails and phone numbers for you, freeing you up to develop stronger candidate relationships and go after new clients.

Sourcing Automation – Loxo AI™ does your sourcing for you, it’s that simple. We’ll send you the top candidates for your job faster than you can source them yourself.

Loxo Marketing Campaigns – Create a repeatable marketing process using Loxo’s integrated email marketing, texting, and phone dialing campaigns. You may be used to having to these separately, but with Loxo it becomes a unified experience that drives more value out of each candidate.

Use The Right Recruiting Tools

The tools you use for developing relationships with candidates and managing the recruitment process should be geared toward maximum efficiency, giving you more time to personalize your pitch for candidates and new clients. By using tools that increase your output, each of your recruiters become more effective and your agency’s overall agility increases.

Here’s what you should look for in tools to make your recruitment process run like clockwork:

Here’s how Loxo’s tools improve your recruitment process:

Click-to-Dial & Call Queue – Click once to dial your contacts from your Loxo app and manage your daily calling list with our rolling Call Queue. These tools help you stay focused, stay organized and make 10 times more calls than you do now.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns – Chances are you already know of the benefits of email marketing and SMS phone text campaigns to candidates, but have you ever been able to marry them together? Loxo let’s you do just this, helping you create a more profitable business.

Resume Parsing – Loxo makes resume parsing a snap. Just drag and drop, upload or forward resumes and Loxo will auto parse the data for you. Quick, easy and super effective for getting to the candidate info you need.

Voicemail Drop – Outstrip recruiters leaving voicemails in real-time by automating delivery of personalized voicemail for your candidates and clients.

Use Recruiting Systems That Are Easy to Use

The systems you use to manage candidate data make a huge difference in the quality of placements, the speed of placements and the strength of candidate and client relationships you can make. Additionally, the systems you use to create and manage client relationships will always have an impact (positive or negative) on the quality of these relationships and your ability to do repeat business with clients.

Here’s what you need from your data systems to have a recruitment process that runs like clockwork:

Here’s how Loxo’s data systems enhance your candidate and client relationships:

ATS+CRM – A state-of-the-art Recruiting CRM and ATS with innovative tools to eliminate data entry, simplify your workflow and maximize your productivity. By connecting your customer management system and your applicant tracking system, you can ensure that both clients and talent relationship management are supported and strengthened over time.

Smart Grid – Loxo’s state-of-the-art search tools allow you to find contacts and candidates that you have already sourced into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This way, you can keep in touch more effectively with passive candidates, ensuring that great talent doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Provide Solutions for Recruitment Marketing

Beyond recruiting, your agency can help your clients build their employer brands/inbound talent interest levels with recruitment marketing solutions. Through effective recruitment marketing, your agency can substantially improve the employer brand of your clients throughout each recruitment project.

By providing these clockwork services that increase demand for your client’s open jobs, you can help their next recruitment cycle go smoothly as clockwork and position your firm as a unique value provider in the recruitment space.

Here’s how Loxo strengthens your candidate marketing capabilities and your ability to build the employer brand of clients as your market their opportunities:

Marketing Automation –  Loxo allows you to personalize your emails to every candidate with our bulk email feature for candidate marketing. This feature lets you give your candidates a world-class experience while saving time, freeing you from repetitive tasks to take more strategic actions.

Campaign Analytics & Reporting – Manage and evaluate  your candidate search campaigns more effectively with the analytics and reporting features of our data-driven platform. From the success of individual projects to overall quarterly performance, nothing will escape your attention.

Job Posting API – Use our API to enhance the job posting power of your clients. Integrate Careers pages with your Loxo database using your secure credentials and turn client career pages into candidate magnets.

Email & Calendar Integration – Sync your email and calendar with Loxo’s industry-first two-way sync tool. This eliminates data entry for you and helps you more effectively manage contacts in your candidate search campaigns.

Job Sharing – Post to multiple job sites and share your job descriptions on social media channels that your candidates are actually using to find great candidates,  increase client opportunity visibility and more effectively pinpointing your target audience.

Use Recruiting Software That Builds Clockwork-like Processes

The software used to run your recruitment process has a huge effect on how systematically and smoothly your recruitment process runs. By using software that is built to streamline the recruitment process, your search projects can close faster and run as reliably as clockwork.

Here’s what you need from your recruitment software for your search process to run like clockwork:

Here’s how Loxo’s all-in-one recruitment platform helps to streamline your recruitment process and empower your recruiters:

All In One Recruiting Platform – By combining your ATS, CRM and Recruitment Marketing, Loxo lets you run your entire agency within a single platform. Through cutting edge AI-driven functionality, providing transparency to clients and providing automation at every stage of the recruitment life cycle, Loxo helps your agency to streamline while providing better candidates to clients more quickly than your competition.

Sourcing Automation – Through Loxo’s sourcing automation powered by AI, your agency can be sourcing best-in-class candidates around the clock, freeing you up for new business development, expanding the services you offer and other strategic activities.

Connect with Candidates – Loxo is designed to connect you to candidates. Loxo Connect automatically gathers the contact info of candidates you source, giving you everything you need to reach out with an effective, customized recruitment pitch. Using click to call, voicemail drop and email automation, you can make better connections with candidats, faster than your old outreach process.

Enhanced Recruitment Marketing – Equipped with a full suite of recruitment marketing tools, Loxo levels up your ability to create, nurture and manager candidate relationships. Through unparallelled candidate communication tools, integrated text campaigns, and auto-dialing, Loxo helps you build the employer brand of your clients as you market their job opportunities.

Empowering Users – By empowering recruiters to get more effective work done in less time, Loxo helps each of your recruiters to do the job of 10 recruiters using competing software. Instead of spending their time scouring the internet for candidates and contact info, they’ll be free to strategize and secure the interest of the best candidates for the needs of your clients.

To see how Loxo helps your recruitment process run like clockwork, you can schedule a demo here.

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