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How COVID-19 Will Change Recruiting and Hiring

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant ramifications across nearly every industry in the US and around the world. For recruiters, the national crisis is quickly changing how hiring entities attract candidates, organize the recruiting process, and retain their current hires. 

Current recruiting models and technology that have shaped modern recruiting were designed to lead to real-life interactions, not virtual ones. With the economy taking a blow, scaling significantly reduced, and millions of Americans losing their jobs, it’s up to recruiters to transform their processes and adapt to a post COVID-19 hiring market. 

From changing candidate pools to virtual interviews and onboarding, this article will outline how COVID-19 will change recruiting in the forthcoming weeks and months. 

How COVID-19 Is Changing Your Candidate Pool

One of the most immediate and noticeable changes in recruiting is how candidate pools have transformed under the pandemic. 

Not only are recruiters rescaling their capacity to reach out to candidates due to social distancing, but they’re pulling back on regional and international advertising and narrowing their recruiting capacities to local hiring markets. With travel being severely limited through much of the world, businesses have had to rely on local hiring as opposed to national or international recruiting. 

While this obviously limits a recruiter’s candidate pool, it’s also an opportunity for recruiters to get a closer look at their regional hiring pools and help their clients repurpose their internal staff and team members. 

Temporary bridge roles, training internal staff members, and looking to unnoticed pockets of local hiring markets are all ways companies and recruiters have adapted to hiring changes. 

What Virtual Recruiting Looks Like Under COVID-19 

Interviews, onboarding, staff meetings, and nearly every personal step of the hiring process has been reallocated to the virtual setting. Here’s how the pandemic has changed and is going to continue to change some of the most important steps in the hiring process.

The situation under COVID-19 is changing on a day-by-day and week-by-week basis. It’s important for recruiters to understand these changes if they’re going to succeed and adapt to a transforming market.

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