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High Volume Recruiting Strategies

As the capabilities of recruiting agencies, with the help of technology, continues to expand, so will their need for high volume recruiting strategies.  

With more applicants and job opening moving to the online platform, recruiters need to be ready for higher volumes of clients and talent turning to their services to fill demands. 

What this means for recruiters is the implementation of high volume recruiting strategies, a shift to automation, and using innovative software to help assist them as the industry grows and shifts. 

Here are some of the most effective high volume recruiting strategies.

Sourcing and High Volume Recruiting

Sourcing is the first and most basic step when it comes to high volume recruiting. The advantage of candidate sourcing tools, especially early on, is that you can quantify candidates and streamline the recruiting process until you acquire the right amount of talent.

Using AI for recruiting will allow you to source thousands of applicants by allowing your technology to learn the requirements for each position and find qualified candidates using an external database or CRM. 

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to high volume recruiting is the cost-per-hire metric; if you have hundreds of job openings to fill, how can you evaluate thousands of candidates in a cost-effective manner? Using technology and sourcing strategies is the first step to overcoming this hurdle. 

Talent Rediscovery High Volume Recruiting Strategies

Another cost-effective strategy when it comes to high volume recruiting is talent rediscovery. 

When recruiters collect hundreds to thousands of resumes for a series of job openings, they typically only hire a fraction of the talent pool. After a few months or years of acquiring a high volume of applicants, it’s easy for those file to get lost in the data archives of previous client orders. 

For recruiters, this means that most agencies have goldmines of previous talent that they can refer to at anytime. And as with sourcing, the help of AI technology can often streamline the process of sifting through thousands of previous resumes and candidates. 

With a competent ATS, AI for talent rediscovery can refer to your database and automatically find previous talent that fits a current job opening.Talent rediscovery will allow you to utilize cost-effective automation practices and maximizes all of the resources in your high volume recruiting strategies. 

Automate Resume Screening

One of the biggest issues in the initial hiring and sourcing process is the problem of unqualified candidates. Allowing unqualified candidates to get into your screening process will hurt the client you’re working with as well as your brand name in the long run. And if your client ends up rejecting or letting go of the client early on, that means your cost-to-hire just went up by at least double the cost for that client since you’ll have to replace them. 

So how do recruiters properly screen a high volume of candidates? Like much of the other challenges that arise with high volume recruiting, automation and AI implementations are often the most cost-effective and practical steps to take. 

AI will analyze resumes, assess their compatibility with a particular job opening, and begin to rank candidates from best to worst fit. Your team can utilize the screening to take a deeper look into the rankings and find a suitable match for the appropriate client. It’s important to note that AI won’t solve everything, but it will organize a daunting amount of potential talent into a more manageable and organized list.

Brand Awareness in High Volume Recruiting

While brand awareness should always be a relevant metric to develop, it’s especially important when it comes to high volume recruiting. Having a brand presence, especially online and in social media, will attract candidates for you. While their might be marketing costs associated with brand awareness, building a reputable and familiar brand can bring you top talent at very little cost. 

Especially with high volume recruiting, building a pipeline of candidates from passive job seekers will be essential to filling all your job openings. Brand awareness and company familiarity will increase the amount of passive job seekers that reach out to your firm and decrease cost-to-hire and time-to-fill by large margins. 

If you’re going to introduce automation and AI applications to your firm, then you’re going to need a powerful and easy-to-use CRM+ATS software to store your data. Loxo’s sourcing automation, CRM technology, and recruitment marketing strategies will allow you to maximize productivity at minimal costs and with ease.

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