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Guide to Healthcare Recruiting Software

In healthcare, staffing demands are bound to change rapidly due to the shifting needs of the population. Take, for instance, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 driving the increased demand for healthcare staff. Facilities like hospitals, urgent care centers, and hospices entirely depend on their staff at all levels to keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, the industry faces staff shortages and talent gaps that are expected to worsen in the next couple of years. According to the American Medical Colleges’ Center for Workforce Studies, there are 45,000 fewer primary practitioners and 46,000 fewer medical specialists and surgeons than needed.

To overcome these shortages and reduce hiring challenges, there is a need to optimize the healthcare recruitment process. This applies to the medically trained professionals and the non-clinical staff such as security guards, janitors, and maintenance staff. Therefore, you need to have an effective hiring strategy and make a point to invest in adding tools such as healthcare recruitment software. 

Because the healthcare industry often demands the availability of staff around the clock, the staffing process is often complex and tedious, especially when using manual paperwork. As a result, the hiring department wastes a lot of time and resources. Still, the results are inconsistent and unsatisfactory. Some challenges you may experience during the hiring process include lack of candidate engagement, shift scheduling and management, credentials validity compliance, and more. Healthcare recruiting software can help solve these challenges and automate recruitment.

Healthcare recruitment solutions help track, engage, and support candidates throughout the hiring process. The most significant assumption is that these solutions exist only to benefit the hiring team. However, these tools also improve the candidate’s experience. Therefore, your recruitment software will depend on the functions you want to automate and streamline.

MRI Network, McKinsey, and Glassdoor report that companies still find it challenging to attract top talent and struggle to fill positions successfully in fewer than 12 weeks. The first step towards solving this is to find ways to attract talent and manage and nurture candidates. You can now accomplish this with the help of recruitment candidate relationship management software. There are several success factors associated with CRM software. The benefits of an effective candidate experience software include:

Creating a talent network within a single and searchable database.

Helping you find, attract, nurture and manage candidates

It creates a central point for all recruitment activities and facilitates smooth processes such as scheduling interviews, background checks, etc.

Creating a good candidate experience is one of the best ways to help you attract a larger talent pool and fill the position quickly.

Best Healthcare Recruiting Software

As mentioned earlier, recruiting software helps with three core functions in the hiring process: screening, attracting, and assessing prospective candidates. With a variety of softwares available, the question that most healthcare HR departments have is what is the best recruiting software for the industry. Unfortunately, there isn’t a particular software that can be considered the best for every HR team in the healthcare industry. Most firms can benefit from staffing agency scheduling software. Moreover, software should have some key aspects to make a meaningful contribution to your hiring process. Some of the factors behind effective recruitment software include:

Another essential feature of functional recruitment software is accessibility and customer support. You want to access hiring information from anywhere and at any time. You also want to access help in good time so as not to delay your operations. Finally, the software should fit your industry niche. There are specialized softwares available as well, including: 

Lastly, many companies offer healthcare staffing apps, so you can access the ATS and CRM from your cell phone. 

Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Software

While the CRM software helps manage potential candidates to help fill positions more quickly, the applicant tracking software (ATS) simplifies the process of managing only the active job applicants. ATS streamlines certain functions to increase efficiency while hiring or assessing potential candidates. Using the ATS, the HR manager can list job descriptions, screen and test candidates, select candidates for interviews, and even schedule interviews. This way, the entire HR team can keep tabs on which candidates have been processed and their current position.

Onboarding software, on the other hand, helps new employees blend into their new roles while taking the pressure off of the management. This gives the employees confidence to take on their new role and provides an excellent first impression of your organization. Instead of physically running after every new employee to ensure they are well integrated into their new role, you can use the onboarding software to take over the task of training and orientating new employees. 

Talent Acquisition Framework

It is necessary to review the talent acquisition framework to help the health industry get a foothold in hiring the right talent within the shortest possible time. Innovative talent acquisition strategies are crucial in today’s competitive market. A significant trend for the talent acquisition framework is agile methodology. This methodology helps reduce hiring time and costs by prioritizing work and executing tasks in short time-boxed cycles, also known as sprints. The agile method also allows for collaboration between teams. Typically, a talent acquisition framework focuses on the following elements:

You can find a number of talent acquisition strategy presentations online for inspiration. Now that you understand how healthcare recruitment software can benefit your organization, you can make an informed decision and find a solution that will fulfill your needs while saving you time and money.

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