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Five ways to save time with recruiting software

Don’t wish for more time, make the most of the time you have.

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Use our virtual candidate white board to maximize your time.

You’re not alone when you say, “I just wish I had more hours in the day.”

The recruiting industry is one where more time means more connections — which ultimately means more revenue.

Recruiting workflows are being improved every day through data analytics tools and innovative ATS and CRM software.

At Loxo we are thrilled to be leading this industry and helping recruiters and talent acquisition specialists across the U.S. make the most out of their valuable time.

While technology can be intimidating to some, we’ve created the simplest interfaces to ensure that our software is the industry-best and easiest to use.

If you’re not already replacing those massive Excel sheets with speedy software to improve your recruiting workflows, better late than never.

Here are five ways you can increase your speed-to-market competitive advantage when it comes to making more connections, faster:

  1. Bulk Email allows you to personalize your communication with multiple candidates at one time. Did you identify a short list of awesome candidates and want to reach out to them to let them know about an opportunity? Nothing is worse than receiving a cold email that doesn’t apply to you (we know- we get them all the time too) but you can now personalize your communication with our bulk email tool.
  2. Our Boolean search tool will help you slice and dice your data in any way you see fit. Search certain fields within your Loxo database of contacts and use “wild cards” to search for information that you can’t quite remember entering. Need to find a developer who knows Ruby and Java, but is not a DevOps engineer, is located in Denver but not Boulder, where their current title contains the word “senior,” and the resume has the word Hadoop? No problem. Use our advanced search tool to find those purple squirrels faster.
  3. Our first-of-its-kind Loxo Smart Grid allows you to customize your candidate database in the same way you would an Excel spreadsheet. Your advanced grid allows you to customize your data in a way that makes sense to you, with simple and delightful design. You might even start to enjoy spending time in your Loxo candidate database.
  4. Your very own Loxo widget adds top candidates to your database right from your browser extension. Are you manually adding new candidates to your list then waiting for them to reply to you? Use our widget to add an Indeed, GitHub, or AngelList profile to your database. Loxo will do all of the publicly available data mining for you.
  5. Let Loxo Connet™ find candidate contact information for you. Does your typical day-to-day workflow include searching for contact information for top candidates? Do you spend more time than you would like looking for a personal email or phone number? We were disappointed with the tools out there so we created Loxo Connect™. Now you can get back to what you do best- building relationships. Let our proprietary technology scour the internet and get those vital pieces of contact information back to you right away.

If you aren’t using Loxo or Loxo Connect™, you’re not maximizing your time (we’re biased but we’ve also used everything else out there). We’re thrilled to have built smarter recruiting software that helps you make the perfect hire, and would love to show you around.

Loxo Blog
Use our virtual candidate white board to maximize your time.

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