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Finding the Best LinkedIn Recruiter Alternative: Loxo

There is no question that LinkedIn Recruiter remains the most popular platform for recruiters to source and engage with candidates. Almost every recruiter on the planet has and uses this tool in some capacity. For a while, it was revered as a necessary resource to be an effective recruiter. That sentiment has slowly transitioned from a “necessary resource” to a “necessary evil,” and the slope is only getting more slippery. With so many new sourcing tools on the market, there are plenty of options should recruiters want to search for the best LinkedIn Recruiter alternative. 

Given many of LinkedIn Recruiter’s shortfalls – from limited sourcing, saturated outreach, and high price points, customers are actively looking for new solutions to supplement their efforts. The search for the best LinkedIn Recruiter alternative has become a common challenge for many recruiters as they look to find a platform with better functionality at a lower price point. 

Loxo has emerged as the clear frontrunner for the best LinkedIn Recruiter alternative – where recruiters can source top candidates, break through the noise of LinkedIn InMails, and track their candidate pipeline all under one roof. 

Here we make a head-to-head comparison between LinkedIn Recruiter and Loxo. This comparison will help recruiters make more informed decisions when choosing the best platform for their company’s unique needs. The criteria for comparison include:

  1. Size of Talent Pool
  2. Candidate Response Rates
  3. Ease of Sourcing
  4. Candidate Tracking
  5. Pricing

Round 1. Size of Talent Pool

LinkedIn boasts over 740 million users on its platform with more joining every single day. However, quantity does not always equate to quality. Loxo’s current database holds over 1.2 billion candidates – but there are some interesting insights to look into here when determining which talent pool wins out.

In the first half of 2019 alone, LinkedIn blocked or removed 21.6 million fake accounts from its platform. This is a continued struggle for LinkedIn and troubles recruiters in identifying which profiles are real within the site. So while LinkedIn’s figure of over 740 million profiles is impressive, it must be taken with a grain of salt when evaluating how many of these users are legitimate and active. 

On top of this, LinkedIn’s entire database stems from the information put in by the user. No external data sources or providers help to supplement this userbase. LinkedIn uses just one source: Itself. So not only can information be skewed by the user, but recruiters are also forced to find candidates from a narrowed talent source based on limited information and data. This leaves a massive pool of talent unearthed and untouched by recruiters who solely use LinkedIn to source candidates. 

Loxo utilizes over 100 different data sources to build out its proprietary database of candidates. This leads to an entirely new talent pool for recruiters to gain access to (on top of LinkedIn). What did Robert Frost say? Take the road less traveled? By finding new sourcing alternatives, recruiters can uncover top talent that their competitors may not even have on their radar. Recruitment professionals are reassured that all candidates are legitimate and that information is continuously updated on a daily basis. 

Round 2: Candidate Response Rates

On average, LinkedIn InMails produce a 10-25% response rate from prospects. This number can vary based on the individual and industry, but the average response rate is low compared to that of Loxo. Top candidates on LinkedIn are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with recruitment InMails and connections. Since every recruiter is on LinkedIn and uses InMails as a primary source of outreach, it is safe to assume that top candidates are not just receiving your outreach, but your competitors’ as well. 

It is challenging to set yourself apart when using LinkedIn InMails, and it is only getting harder to engage through standard outreach. As this medium has become increasingly saturated, candidates are moving away from acknowledging LinkedIn InMails as a proper channel for legitimate recruitment purposes.

Loxo helps recruiters break through the noise of LinkedIn InMails by getting in front of candidates across multiple touchpoints. By immediately accessing candidates’ phone numbers and emails, recruiters can market their open positions to candidates across email, SMS, phone, voicemail drops, manual tasks, AND still LinkedIn InMails. SMS Messages alone have over a 98% open rate. So by adding these additional touchpoints, you are more likely to stand out and grab the sought-after candidate’s attention. Recruiter’s response rates can quickly jump to over 70% with a complex, multichannel approach.

Round 3: Ease of Sourcing

LinkedIn restricts recruiters to access up to 1,000 candidates with each search made. Through standard searches, Boolean strings, and specific keywords, recruiters can search through LinkedIn to find their ideal candidates. But, these searches have limitations. Not only are you sourcing from one individual pool of candidates, but your results are defined to meet LinkedIn’s narrow guidelines. As a result, restrictions on connection requests and the threat of “LinkedIn jail” handicap recruiters in maintaining their peak effectiveness.   

What happens if you don’t find the ideal candidate within the limited search that LinkedIn Recruiter provides? – – The short answer is that you will most likely need to use additional tools to supplement your efforts.

Loxo provides recruiters with unlimited sourcing capabilities within its proprietary database of over 650 million candidates. There are no limitations here. Recruiters can source to the ends of the earth using any number of Boolean strings, filters, and keywords. 

Finally, with the help of Loxo’s proprietary AI-sourcing technology, recruiters can seamlessly source, filter, and rank top talent, all with the click of a button. Like Netflix or Spotify, the platform continuously gets better at finding and matching the best candidates specific to the organization. This type of deep learning AI grows with you based on the information you put into your database. As time goes on, the platform will be a master talent matchmaker.

Round 4: Candidate Tracking

LinkedIn boasts its own Applicant Tracking System, but it has failed to pick up much traction within the industry. Few recruiters use LinkedIn to track applicants and thus resort to paying for an additional third-party vendor for their candidate tracking needs.

LinkedIn Recruiter also does not allow you to export your talent pools and data from the platform. Because of this, most recruiters who look to leave LinkedIn cannot take their sourced candidates with them, leaving them trapped.

On the flip side, Loxo has a built-in ATS/CRM that enables recruiters to seamlessly track candidate pipelines and pull reportings relevant to their recruitment efforts. The candidates sourced within Loxo’s platform can immediately be enriched with contact information and exported on an as-needed basis.

Round 5: Pricing

If you are reading this, most likely you have encountered the steep prices that LinkedIn Recruiter offers for its services. As highlighted at the beginning of this article, most recruiters feel that LinkedIn Recruiter is a “necessary evil” and thus are open to paying for such a high price point. 

However, the tides are turning. Certainly, high-performing recruitment teams regularly face detainment in LinkedIn’s jail. With limits on connection requests and rigid guidelines on outreach, LinkedIn does not provide the level of service you would expect at such a high price point. On top of this, most recruiters are still forced to pay for additional applications to supplement their recruiting efforts. This further pushes out the price point and cuts into their bottom line.

Within Loxo, recruiters can receive all of the functionalities that LinkedIn Recruiter can provide, along with a state-of-the-art ATS/CRM, AI-sourcing, access to personal contact information, and automated outreach functionalities at a fraction of the cost.

Interested in receiving a quote? Request a demo of Loxo here. 

Final Verdict: Loxo is changing the Status Quo and is the best Linkedin Recruiter Alternative.

LinkedIn Recruiter has had a great run in helping recruiters find and engage with top candidates. However, as the platform began to corner the recruiting market, prices rose, and functionality flatlined. Because of this, recruiters are starting to look elsewhere. Now, the focus has shifted towards finding the best LinkedIn Recruiter alternative that can provide better functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Loxo is revolutionizing the way the recruitment space operates. No longer will recruiters have to work across a myriad of different platforms. No longer will recruiters need to pay absorbently high price points to source talent. Loxo is here to help recruiters and talent acquisition professionals reach their peak potential. Through Loxo, recruiters can finally find the best LinkedIn Recruiter alternative they have been so desperately searching for. 

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