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Feeling disconnected without Connectifier?

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Make the perfect hire with Loxo Connect

LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Connectifier by no means broke the internet, but the recruiting world has spoken and they want their contact info back.

If you’re like our clients, you’re the best at what you do. You are probably one of the first recruiters to have scoured the internet for tools that will help you connect with top candidates.

Whether you spend your day looking for executives, developers, physicians, accountants or other in-demand talent; connecting with your candidates to build a relationship and share life-changing opportunities is no luxury.

Finding their contact information is key to your day-to-day efforts and speed to market sets you apart.

We hear you.

You have probably already tried browser plugins like 360Social, Context Scout or Prophet and are disappointed. Maybe you were an early-adopter of social profile aggregators like TalentBin or Entelo.

There are others out there, all promising to do the same thing — connect you to your candidate — but leaving you disappointed with the bare minimum social handle or the occasional email address.

To make matters worse, none of these tools are built directly into your workflow.

Having spent tens of thousands of (very rewarding) hours building a world-class applicant tracking system (ATS and CRM) for hundreds of leading recruiting firms, has afforded us a unique opportunity to hear our clients’ everyday challenges, frustrations and concerns.

So many of our conversations over the past few weeks have ended with, “Such a bummer that Connectifier was acquired.”

We understand your need for free flowing information and control of your data. The acquisition was good news for LinkedIn, Connectifier, but ultimately the entire industry as it puts a spotlight on the demand for innovation.

For many of you, the timing of this acquisition couldn’t have come at a better time.

“So there’s a silver lining?” you ask?

Yes! Hang tight, talent experts. Loxo has been building a tool that is going to break the internet.

Okay, maybe not. But you will soon have the best solution to the contact info problem. In fact, we’ve been quietly working on solving this problem since 2013 and are putting the finishing touches on our beloved product.

We built Loxo to help you recruit smarter and faster. We focus on automating your most time consuming tasks as a recruiter, and Loxo Connect is going to change your practice once again. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Loxo Blog
Make the perfect hire with Loxo Connect

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