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Enterprise Talent Acquisition Strategies and Management

The success of an exceptional company is almost always a result of extraordinary talent. The quality of any business’ employees will make or break an organization, and it pays to prioritize talent acquisitions as the heart of a company’s operational body. 

For enterprise, Human Resources and Management must be able to walk hand in hand in order to not only source and hire top talent with enough skills to hit the ground running, but also to provide them with a clear avenue for growth once they land at your company. The best hire is one which is made for longevity — when you acquire the right talent, it’s easy to manage them.

The general consensus among enterprise organizations is that talent acquisition should be centered as a top priority, and strategizing your company’s process will result in fast, efficient hires for quality candidates who are in it for the long haul, and the ultimate benefit of your business. 

Enterprise Talent Acquisition Strategies and Management

Here are seven factors to consider when building your talent acquisition and management strategy for enterprise:

Build a strong employer brand for enterprise talent acquisition.

More than ever, a workplace manages to become integral to the identity of its employees. A job is more than a paycheck: it is a lifestyle. Implementing an employer marketing program to project a detailed picture of your company’s values, culture, and extracurricular staff benefits can be a great way to source especially passive contacts to build an employee base which is not only highly skilled, but also aligns with your business’ philosophy.

Utilize succession planning for your enterprise talent acquisition strategy.

The cost of filling a vacant seat in your organization can be exponentially more expensive than the salary of a present employee. While you should always be on the lookout for external talent, it is cost and time effective to keep an eye out for internal candidates who may be ideal replacements for priority roles.

As part of your organization’s long-term strategy, pay attention to those promising internal potentials who demonstrate strong competence in your organization, and identify relevant possible pathways for growth which they may take in the future.

Hire for the win.

Of course you already do this, but it is worth reexamining your interview process, and the standards to which you hold candidates. Identify qualities which to your organization make a potential really stand out, and design questions, homework assignments, and post-interview evaluations which measure and test these qualities in interviewees.

Building this set of standards should be a collaborative effort with input from managers of multiple departments. A promising candidate may be converted into a long-term worker if ideal characteristics for specific positions and the needs of the company as a whole are determined in advance, using all sources available.

Make room for freelancers for your enterprise talent management strategies.

Contemporary work culture sees Millennials and Gen Z-ers embracing a gig economy style of employment which is flexible, short term, and sometimes less expensive. Gone are the days of the job-for-life baby boomers, and businesses should get used to an employee base populated by quality temps.

One benefit to hiring freelancers for part time or temporary positions is that this allows business to factor in a quick turnaround for short projects or during a momentary need to bulk up employee numbers. Additionally, if managers see someone they like, acquisitions can add them to the talent pool as a potential future full-timer.

Employ novel recruiting sources to ramp up talent acquisition for your enterprise.

It’s like catching fish in a barrel. Top quality talent is easy to find with little to no effort. From dedicated sourcing sites, to social media pages; internet mining, to old-school techniques like job fairs and on-campus college recruiting. And if you’re leveraging hiring solutions which collect candidate profiles at the click of a button, finding talent is frankly ridiculously easy.

But don’t let this ease-of-access allow you to miss out on potentials that you might find through weirder means. One avenue you might try is to recruit from your pool of consumers – who better to represent your product than loyal customers who already love what you do?

Leverage hiring solutions for the enterprise.

Enterprise organizations have unique hiring and retention needs which dictate specific talent acquisition and management strategies that prioritize high-volume projects, and are able to cast the widest net possible in the shortest amount of time. Sourcing solutions such as Loxo Profiles enable talent acquisitions to input high-priority traits to look for in a potential hire, and then receive a comprehensive list of only best-fit candidates who match with the company’s express needs. Using HR technology to the benefit of your business boosts efficiency, and facilitates better hires.

Engage your talent.

Employee retention begins the moment you reach out to your candidate. Customizing each “candidate journey” to the specific skills of your potential, as well as the requirements of the position their filling, not only intrigues top talent, but also allows you an invaluable opportunity to sell your business and company culture to the talent.

But don’t let it end there. The onboarding process can be the difference between retention and turnover – design your onboarding strategy to support your new employee in becoming a long-term and productive member of your team. 

Loxo is a comprehensive hiring solution that enables enterprise talent acquisitions to quickly source top talent in a sea of potentials. See how Loxo can benefit your business by signing up for a free ATS account today.

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