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Email and InMail are the primary communication channels that you will use to begin and develop relationships with candidates, as well as manage candidates in the hiring process of your clients.

It’s essential for all emails you send candidates to be clear and courteous, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

You can use these email templates to help you save time when communicating with candidates at various stages of the talent lifecycle, and you can use Loxo to send these emails with our candidate marketing automation tools.

Candidate Email Marketing for Recruitment Agencies

Use these email templates when reaching out to candidates you want to recruit for your current openings and for candidates you want to form connections with for future roles.

LinkedIn Recruiter Email Template

Use this template to help you form connections with talented candidates through LinkedIn InMail, the most widely used platform for contacting passive candidates.

It’s important to be transparent with candidates, provide them value, and demonstrate that you are not just trying to shove them into a role you need to fill.You want to form a connection, so take some time to personalize their email in an effective way.

Hi [First Name],

Your profile caught my attention while I was searching for [Skill Set] experts.  

I was really impressed with the work you did for [Former Employer] and I think you will find the [Skill Set] work that [Client Company] is doing to be quite interesting!

If you think that a [Skill Set] role in the [Client Industry] Industry sounds interesting I’d love to tell you more about this opportunity.

[Job Description Link]

Just reply back with any questions you have or any times that work for a quick phone call.

Also please let me know if this role isn’t right for you and why. My goal is to better understand the kind of role you want to take on next in your career, whenever that may be.


[Your Name]


Candidate Referral Email Template

Candidate referral emails are effective because they give you a connection to candidates through their reference.

Before you reach out to referred candidates, be sure you understand the exact nature of their relationship to their reference, so you can sound authentic and more effectively leverage the connection your reference has with this candidate.


Hello [First Name]

I was working with [Reference] helping them [Recruiting Activity Performed for Reference], and they told me about your [Referred Candidate Role] experience.

I’ve worked with [Reference] for a while, and we’ve talked quite a bit about their career goals and what they want in their next job. This is where I like to start: learning what you want from your career so I’m not showing you jobs that you won’t be interested in.

Knowing what you want from your next job also helps me advise you on any job opportunities you come across, as I’ve seen quite a lot of [Referred Candidate Role] opportunities this year.

Right now, I’m working with a [Client Company Industry] company doing [Client Company Focus] work, and I think it could be a good match for you: [Link to Job Ad].

If you are interested in this opportunity, just let me know and I can get you set up with an interview, because of how highly you come recommended by [Reference].

If this [Referred Candidate Role] opportunity isn’t right for you, just let me know how this role isn’t right so I can show you opportunities you will find interesting.


[Your Name]


Confirmation Email Templates for Job Interviews

Use these email templates to confirm the best time for candidates to interview and to provide candidates with information to help them perform well in their interviews.

Interview Email Schedule to Candidate

Use this interview to send candidates a link to your Interview Calendar, so they can choose the time that works best for them, or inform you that they need to schedule an alternate time.

Hello [First Name],

I’m happy to inform you that interviews for the [Open Job] role will begin soon!

The first week of [Interviews Type (Phone Interviews, Initial Interviews, etc.)] will be [Start Date – End Date] and will resume between [Start Date – End Date].

Follow this link to our Interview Calendar so that you can select the interview date and time that works best for you.

[Interview Calendar Link]

If none of the provided dates and times work for your schedule, please let me know so that we can accommodate you.


[Your Name]


Interview Confirmation Email

Use this email template as your automated response triggered by candidates choosing an interview time on your Interview Calendar.


Hello [First Name],

Thank you for selecting your interview date in our Interview Calendar!

Your [Interview Type (Phone, Initial, etc.)] is scheduled for [Interview Date] at [ Interview Time].

We will be sending you an interview overview email in the meantime so that you can become familiar with the people you will be interviewing with.

Thank you,

[Your Name]


Interviews Overview Email

This email should be sent the week prior to a candidate’s scheduled email, to help them feel prepared for their interview and to become familiar with their interviewers.


Hello [First Name]

We’re excited to learn more about your [Skill Set] experience and get to know you a bit better in the process.

We want you to succeed in your interview, so here are the people you will be interviewing with and some background on what they do for [Client Company].

This interview does not require you to bring any tools or supplies, but you will be asked to complete technical questions during the interview. We’ve included some sample interview questions below as well.

Interviewer 1

[Interviewer Name] [Interviewer Role]

[Short Overview of Interviewer Responsibilities]

[Short Overview of Interviewer Relationship to Open Job]

Interviewer 2

[Interviewer Name] [Interviewer Role]

[Short Overview of Interviewer Responsibilities]

[Short Overview of Interviewer Relationship to Open Job]

General Interview Question Sample

Technical Interview Question Sample



Interview Update Email Templates

Use these email templates to update candidates about changes in the interview process, to ensure that all candidates are properly managed and don’t get a bad impression of you or your client’s company.  

Interview Update Email: Applicant Requesting Reschedule

Use this template to reply to candidates who need to reschedule their interview because of a schedule conflict.


Hello [Firstname],

Sorry you won’t be able to attend your interview scheduled for [Scheduled Date and Time], thank you for letting us know in advance.

Here is a link to our Interview Calendar. Interview Calendar Link

Most of the interview times have been booked already, but the following dates are still available.

[Interview Date 1]

[Interview Time 1]

[Interview Time 2]

[Interview Time 3]

[Interview Date 2]

[Interview Time 1]

[Interview Time 2]

[Interview Time 3]

If these dates and times do not work for your schedule, please reply with an alternate date and time so we can try to accommodate you.

Thank you,

[Your Name]


Interview Update Email: Requesting Reschedule from Applicant

Use this template when you need to reschedule a candidate’s interview. To ensure that all candidates have an equal opportunity in the interview process, this email states that no further hiring decisions will be made until all candidates have had a makeup interview.


Hello [First Name],

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but your interview scheduled for [Interview Date] needs to be rescheduled due to [Reason for Reschedule].

No applicants will be advanced in the hiring process until you and other applicants being asked to rescheduled have been interviewed, to ensure fairness for you and all other candidates.

Here’s a link to our Interview Calendar so you can reschedule your interview between [Start Date – End Date] or Start Date – End Date].

[Link to Interview Calendar]

Please let me know if you cannot make it to an interview in the dates and times provided in our calendar, so we can accommodate your schedule.

Thank you,

[Your Name]


Interview Feedback Comments Update Email

Use this email template to update candidates on their performance in interviews with feedback from their interviewers. This keeps talented candidates engaged in the interview process and shows all candidates where they have performed well in interviews so far.

Hello [Firstname],

We were really impressed by your interview on [Interview Date] and look forward to seeing you in your next interview on [Next Interview Date].

I’ve included some of the comments the interview team passed on to me and some questions that they had following your interview.

I will be sending you a link to schedule your next interview this week.

[Interviewer 1] – [Interviewer 1 Role]

[Interviewer 1 Complement / Comment]

[Interviewer 1 Question]


[Interviewer 2] – [Interviewer 2 Role]

[Interviewer 2 Complement / Comment]

[Interviewer 2 Question]


Interview Status Email

Use this email template to inform candidates that they will not be getting the job they have been interviewing for.

Hello [First Name],

Thank you for taking the time to interview for the [Interviewing Role] position. I regret to inform you that you will not be advancing further in the interview process.

We appreciate your efforts in the interviews you have taken part in and, if you want to be informed about future [Job Type] interviews at [Client Company], please let me know.

Thank you again for your time,

[Your Name]


Email to Cancel Interview

Use this email to cancel interviews that have been scheduled with a candidate when there will be no re-scheduling of this candidate.

It is crucial that all candidates are given equal consideration for roles, so be sure that you aren’t cancelling an interview with a candidate for legally groundless or illegal reasons.  


Hello [First Name],

I’m sorry to inform you that your interview scheduled for [Interview Date] has been cancelled.

We have cancelled this interview because [Reason for Cancellation (You already made a hire, the role has been eliminated in a recent restructuring of the company, the candidate did not complete an interview requirement. etc.)]

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

(Include the following lines if the candidate is eligible for future roles.)

We hire for [Job Title] Positions frequently, however and we would like to keep you updated for our next opening because we think your skills would be a great addition to our team.

Please let me know if you would like us to keep you on file for future openings.

Thank you,

[Your Name]


When the time comes to send out your recruitment and candidate management emails, Loxo makes it easy to manage candidate email communications with our built-in recruitment marketing automation suite.

By automating emails and using Loxo’s chrome extension to connect on LinkedIn and other channels, you can send more personalized email more easily.To see how Loxo levels up your candidate email activities, you can schedule a demo here.

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