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Email Templates for Recruiters (Examples)

Email is the number one channel that recruiters rely on to contact potential candidates. And they can often be the initial make-or-break moment when it comes to sourcing top talent – a recruiting email has to be informative, professional, personal, and engaging to ensure a response from desirable potential hires. 

As a recruiter, you might send out hundreds of emails a day. It’s unrealistic to expect each one to be custom-tailored for every new contact, however it’s important to avoid a monotone and formulaic voice which is likely to blend in with all the other recruiting emails a candidate will find in their inbox.

The secret to a successful recruiting email which is easy to use but still fresh and personal is starting out with a template you love. A fill-in-the-blank format allows you to spend more time researching your candidate and filling in personalized info that will be sure to grab their attention, without sacrificing efficiency. 

Below, we’ve outlined some best practices for using recruiting email templates, and provided you with a few samples to get you started. 

Top Tips for Recruiting Email Templates

A good outreach message is clear, concise, and personal. One study at IBM found that people who enjoyed or were happy with their candidate experience were 38% more likely to accept a job offer at a hiring company than those candidates who were dissatisfied or felt unclear at any point during the recruiting  process. Candidate satisfaction starts well before the application is submitted, and may be facilitated by an excellent recruiting email.

Email Template Examples

The precise requirements of a recruiting email will differ depending on the kind of candidate, and the circumstances of the outreach. Leveraging individual email templates for each incident will help recruiters maintain an efficient workflow as well as an appropriate tone.

Cold Email Templates for Recruiters

Cold recruit emails are those sent to candidates sourced on LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, or other job-seeker social media platforms. These emails should seek to establish an initial relationship with the candidate, as well as extend an offer for an interview. 

Email subject: [JOB TITLE] position at [COMPANY NAME]

Email body: Hi [FIRST NAME],

My name is [YOUR NAME], and I’m recruiting for a [TITLE] position here at [COMPANY NAME]. I came across your professional profile on [WHERE YOU FOUND THEM], and I thought based on your prior experience that you would be an excellent fit for this role at our organization. I am particularly intrigued by your work at [PREVIOUS POSITION].

I would love to fill you in on the details of this available position. Are you available for a quick phone call on [DATE]?

I look forward to hearing from you,




Warm Email Templates

A warm email is sent to a candidate with whom your company already has an established relationship, either because they are a past candidate, or they were referred for your available position. These emails should address the connection between the candidate and your company with a sincere personal memo.

Email Template 1

Email Subject: Looking to Reconnect

Email Body: Hi [FIRST NAME],

My name is [YOUR NAME], and I’m a recruiter for [COMPANY NAME]. We met last year when you interviewed with our organization for [PREVIOUS TITLE]. Our conversation was excellent, and I remember your propensity for [SKILL].

I’ve been reviewing your resume, and although we elected to hire a more experienced candidate for [PREVIOUS POSITION], I think that you would be an excellent fit for [CURRENT POSITION]. I would love to tell you more, if you are interested. 

Please respond to this email with your availability and we can set up a time to talk.

I look forward to hearing from you,



Email Template 2

Email subject: Recommended for [JOB TITLE] position at [YOUR COMPANY]

Email body: Hi [FIRST NAME],

I’m recruiting for a [JOB TITLE] position at [YOUR COMPANY], and my colleague [NAME OF RECOMMENDER] suggested that I take a look at your LinkedIn. 

After reviewing your experience, I think you would make an excellent fit, and I’d like to extend to you an invitation for an interview. Are you available for a phone call on [DATE]?






Rejection Email Templates for Recruiters

A rejection email should honestly and empathetically convey to your candidate why you have chosen to eliminate them from candidacy, while remaining professional.


Email Subject: Regarding Your Application to [YOUR COMPANY]

Email body: Hello [FIRST NAME],

Thank you for your interest in working with [YOUR COMPANY].

At this time, we are choosing not to move forward with your candidacy for this role. [JUSTIFICATION FOR REJECTION AND FEEDBACK.] 

We will keep your information on file in case a position which you might fit becomes available. Please do not hesitate to apply with our company again in the future. 

Best regards,



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