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Does your recruiting brand really matter?

Imagine this.

You just hung up the phone with a dream client. You identified their dire need for the best hire and sold yourself as the leading recruiter in your market.

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Hiring Manager Hannah at CoolestCompanyEver, or CCE Inc., hangs up and feels great about the conversation. While she has a million things to do, Hannah decides to google you.

Your LinkedIn profile is their first search result (ideally) and what do you know, you are one of the standout recruiters who doesn’t have a car selfie as a profile picture.

You’re in.

Well you and a few others who made the cut. You have the chance to prove yourself so you get to work.

If you’re using Loxo to manage your workflow, you are already a step ahead of the competition.

While you and your team of recruiters start to work on identifying the top candidate, your client at CCE experiences the following:

John and Anne spent hours recruiting for this position only to miss the mark on relationship building with their client. Molly nailed her introduction to the client and Ryan took it a step further.

After a few weeks, Hiring Manager Hannah at CCE Inc., selected Molly’s candidate — a rock star and perfect hire for the role. A few weeks later, Hannah had a new job req and her first call was to Ryan- someone she trusted to go to bat for her new search.

Hopefully you are Recruiter Ryan or Recruiter Molly in the above scenario. Molly made the placement, but Ryan earned Hannah’s future business.

Does your recruiter brand earn future business?

Here are a few ways to ensure you are a new client’s first call when they have a hiring need:

Do you have a story of how you went above and beyond to connect with a client or candidate — and it paid off? Are you a corporate hiring manager that has been impressed by a recruiter brand?

We want to raise the bar when it comes to the recruiting industry’s reputation. Help us do so by sharing your story and building your excellent brand. Share your experience in the comments below or email our team to be featured in a future blog post. Your story matters!

Loxo Blog
Need that purple squirrel’s phone number? Loxo Connect will get it for you.

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