The success of recruitment agencies depends on the skills, connections and experience levels of their recruiters, but success also depends heavily using the right PC recruiter software.

No matter how good your agency’s location is for serving your target market, you might as well be in Siberia if you don’t have the right PC software to recruit star talent for your clients.

Further than providing great results for clients, the PC Software you use for recruiting on can be leveraged to win you new business and improve your agency’s brand strength, as long as it’s the right software, of course.

This post will show you how to select the best PC recruiter software for your agency and how to avoid common challenges with recruiter software.

How to Select the Best PC Recruiter Software for Your Agency

Your agency may have numerous competitors in your industry of focus or metro area, but your agency’s needs for PC recruiter software are still unique to your company.

When evaluating different options for recruiting software, you should be asking questions like those below to define your needs for recruitment stools and select a solution that meets your needs.

  • What are your industries of focus and what roles /skill sets do you specialize in recruiting?
  • How are you integrating your company’s other business process software with your recruitment software to streamline processes?
  • What are the typical time demands of sourcing and contacting top candidates in your industry?
  • How many hours of data entry are you and other recruiters at your agency performing each week?
  • What are the major technology and process bottlenecks you and your recruiters are experiencing?
  • How many hours are spent per week searching for candidate contact information?
  • Does the tool you use to email candidates integrate with your candidate database or ATS?
  • Are you utilizing any Chrome or other browser extensions to help you navigate and grab contact data from candidate sources like Linkedin? Do your current recruitment tools integrate with your Chrome extensions?
  • How many job ads do you post per week and on which job boards?
  • Which social media sites do you post job ads to most frequently?
  • What resume parsing functions are you familiar with and which candidate data are the most important to extract with resume parsing?
  • Are you using any tools to assist with call management or to create a rolling call que?
  • How much candidate data does your agency currently possess and how effectively is this data leveraged in the candidate search? What format is this data in?
  • How frequently do you and your recruiters need to access candidate data and use recruitment tools on mobile?

Avoiding Challenges with PC Recruiter Software

Defining your needs for recruitment software systematically will help you choose a winning tool, but you should still proceed carefully.

Use these tips to avoid common challenges with PC recruiter software:

  • Create a criteria checklist for recruitment software before you begin testing different solutions.
  • Update your criteria after seeing what leading solutions offer.
  • Ensure your candidate and business data will transfer without loss to any tool you choose.
  • Always use free trials before you buy
  • Get feedback from recruiters at all levels for ease of use, process improvement, and overall performance.
  • Get feedback from recruiters in your network and clients.
  • Get feedback from clients after you adopt a tool.
  • Choose recruiting tools that improve processes, not ones that keep you in a holding pattern.
  • Choose recruiting tools that give you a leg up on the competition, not ones that just let you match them.

All in One PC Recruiting Software

By choosing a recruitment tool that manages multiple processes within your agency, you can increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of each recruiter you employ.

Loxo is an all in one recruitment suite with tools to manage the recruitment process as well as client management, candidate engagement, job posting, and much more.

Here are some of the features that makes Loxo some of the best PC recruiting software available:

  • ATS+CRM – Loxo combines your ATS and CRM, giving you a central platform for managing your agency’s critical relationships.
  • AI Candidate Sourcing – Loxo AI™ is the world’s first intelligent sourcing assistant. Our proprietary technology unearths top talent across hundreds of data sources and recommends the best possible matches while you sleep.
  • Loxo Connect – Loxo Connect™ finds personal contact information. Your Recruiting CRM creates itself with auto data discovery, letting you reach anyone at any time
  • Job posting – Post your unique opportunities to multiple job sites and share your job descriptions on social media channels that your candidates are actually using to find new roles.
  • Recruitment Marketing – Nurture and engage passive talent by personalizing and automating your outreach. Cut through the clutter to connect with people who matter and give your candidates the best experience possible.
  • Power Calling – Click-to-dial your candidates in Loxo, automatically drop pre-recorded voicemails, schedule your calls in the Call Queue, then use our analytics tools to measure your ROI.

By managing candidate sourcing, candidate relationships, client relationships, recruitment projects, recruitment marketing and more in one AI driven platform, you can increase the effectiveness of all recruiters and other users at your company.

To see a demo of Loxo in action, just schedule a demo here and we’ll show you how to get started.