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Best ATS Systems: A Look at Modern ATS Features

There’s no doubt that Applicant Tracking Systems have contributed to the technological transformations sweeping through the recruitment world. They’ve provided recruiters with valuable repositories where they can manage, organize, and connect with candidates in ways that were decades ago unimaginable.

Today’s best and most innovative ATS systems, however, are so much more than just databases and repositories. 

AI, automation, and software integrations have helped to transform the ATS from a candidate repository to a comprehensive hiring and marketing machine. Cutting edge ATS features are completely transforming the future of recruitment by providing recruiters with the tools to not only manage current candidates but to unearth and attract new talent.

Amazon, Instagram, Facebook and other giant corporations are already culling together enormous amounts of metadata on their customers, allowing them to build their future marketing campaigns based on their findings. With today’s modern ATS features, recruiters can start doing the same thing.

Below is everything you need to know on what to look for in the best ATS systems out there today. 

Best ATS Systems: ATS Integration

The days when admins were the only ones with access to the data in an ATS are long over. If you’re looking for today’s best ATS systems, you have to ensure they come with fully integrative features.

A recent GetApp strategies report showed that 73% of the workforce consists of passive candidates. Recruiters can’t rely on traditional ATS features to attract these candidates; they have to rely on robust marketing campaigns and marketing software features.

Fully integrated ATS systems will allow for across-the-board automated updates and access to your data and information. The best systems will allow for your marketing teams to receive up-to-date information on candidate-behavior, job posting success, and advertisement success so they can learn from the data and translate that information into future hires. 

Best ATS Systems: Improving the Candidate Experience

With all of the focus in the recruiting world pointing toward bolstering hiring metrics and automating the various processes of the recruiting process, we often forget that recruiting is ultimately about connecting with individuals. 

Despite this very basic truth, 51% of recruiters told Monster that technology has made it harder for them to connect with humans. This isn’t because their tools are providing them with rigid ways of categorizing candidates, although some of that might be going on; it’s because recruiters haven’t learned how to utilize their tools to get closer to their candidates as people.

By utilizing your ATS to focus on your candidate’s behavior’s as people, you can in turn improve your branding and candidate experience. Here are some ways you can use your ATS to start improving candidate experience today:

Outbound Campaign Automation and Workflows

If the future of recruitment is in marketing, then a big part of that future will take place in outbound campaign automation. 

The best ATS systems will provide you with large talent graphs with millions of candidates across dozens of data sources. These valuable talent maps cull together data across job post forums, social media platforms, and hiring websites, providing your ATS with a constant stream of new candidates to source from. 

Your ATS must be able to capitalize on this valuable data by allowing you to create automated outreach campaigns, as well as enabling you to build workflows when new candidates are automatically identified as a “good fit” for an open position.

The backbone of a modern ATS is its ability and efficacy to assist you in marketing to new talent. Recruiters will continue to struggle with their technology if they don’t quickly realize that it’s not just about managing current candidates with your technology, but utilizing your goldmine of data to build toward a more successful future.

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