applicant tracking system and Recruiting CRM
applicant tracking system and Recruiting CRM

Applicant Tracking System

As an executive search firm, finding the perfect candidate for a high-level position can be a daunting task. It requires a significant amount of time and resources to identify and evaluate candidates, and even more effort to manage the recruitment process.

That’s where applicant tracking systems (ATS) come in. These software programs are designed to streamline the recruitment process by organizing and tracking job applications, resumes, and other related documents.

While there are many ATS options available on the market, one stands out as the best: Loxo.

Loxo is a comprehensive ATS/CRM (customer relationship management) platform specifically designed for executive search and elite internal executive search. It’s used by top recruiting firms and organizations around the world to streamline their recruitment process and find the best candidates for high-level positions.

But what sets Loxo apart from other ATS options? Here are just a few of the standout features that make it the world’s best ATS:

  1. Customizable search filters

One of the key challenges of executive search is identifying candidates with the right skills, experience, and fit for the position. Loxo makes this easier with customizable search filters that allow you to find candidates based on specific criteria.

For example, you can search for candidates with a specific degree or industry experience, or even filter by location or salary requirements. This helps you narrow down the pool of candidates and focus on the most qualified individuals.

  1. Automatic resume parsing

Sifting through resumes is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the recruitment process. Loxo’s automatic resume parsing feature saves you time by extracting key information from resumes and inputting it into the system automatically.

This means you don’t have to manually enter data like job titles, skills, and education into the system – it’s all done automatically, saving you hours of time and reducing the risk of errors.

  1. Advanced collaboration tools

Recruiting is often a team effort, with multiple people working together to identify and evaluate candidates. Loxo’s advanced collaboration tools make it easy to share and discuss candidates with your team.

You can leave notes and feedback on individual profiles, and even schedule interviews and assessments directly through the platform. This helps you keep everyone on the same page and ensures that no important details fall through the cracks.

  1. Detailed analytics and reporting

Knowing how well your recruitment efforts are performing is crucial for improving your process and finding the best candidates. Loxo’s analytics and reporting features provide detailed insights into your recruitment process, including candidate flow, time-to-hire, and more.

This helps you identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time. You can even generate custom reports to get a more in-depth understanding of your recruitment efforts.

  1. Integration with other tools and platforms

Loxo integrates seamlessly with a range of other tools and platforms, including LinkedIn, Google Calendar, and more. This allows you to easily import and export data, schedule interviews, and manage your recruitment process all in one place.

Overall, Loxo is the world’s best ATS for executive search and elite internal executive search. Its customizable search filters, automatic resume parsing, advanced collaboration tools, detailed analytics and reporting, and integration with other tools and platforms make it an essential tool for any executive search firm or organization. If you’re looking to streamline your recruitment process and find the best candidates for high-level positions, Loxo is the perfect solution.

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