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AI Powered Recruitment – Disrupting the Industry

Like with most industries in today’s increasingly technological world, AI powered recruitment continues to disrupt the hiring industry. 

A 2018 study shows that 38% of companies utilize artificial intelligence, and by the end of 2018 that number shot up to 62%.

This isn’t all that surprising in an economy with high employment rates and a need for top talent. In fact, according to a glassdoors survey, talent acquisition was the most challenging aspect of the recruiting process for 76% of hiring decision makers. With a scarcity in available talent, recruiters are turning to AI to find smart, cost-effective solutions for identifying top talent.

Loxo is leading the shift in AI recruitment, introducing a number of innovative recruiting features.

Below is an overview of Loxo’s state-of-the-art hiring technology that’s helping recruiters make smarter and more cost-effective hiring decisions today. 

Loxo’s Proprietary Sourcing Technology for AI Powered Recruitment

Part of the desire to shift to AI, among all industries, is technology’s ability to reduce errors and eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks. With proper AI sourcing technology, recruiters have faster and more accurate means to reach top talent. 

Loxo’s proprietary AI powered sourcing technology works in three steps.

  1. Tell our sophisticated AI what you’re looking for in the perfect candidate by completing our simple, quick and easy form.
  2. Purchase a Name Generation credit or redeem existing credits to complete your request. Once submitted, Loxo will begin the search.
  3. Let Loxo Name Generation™ do the work, and within 24 hours we’ll email you approximately 50 of the best candidates for your roll.

Instead of wasting hours of your team’s time to source a handful of possible candidates, Loxo’s automated sourcing technology can do all the work, freeing up your hiring team’s time and attention to other human aspects of the hiring process.

Loxo’s intelligent sourcing feature can also help you:

Loxo’s Smart Database Drives AI Powered Recruitment

While CRM and ATS technology have been around for some time, only state-of-the-art databases will be able to optimize intelligent features and work with your sourcing software. 

The power of Loxo’s AI is that it combines and utilizes several of its recruiting features at the same time. It’s combined CRM+ATS automatically transfers information from one pool to the next. Additionally, Loxo will organize any new candidates that come into contact with your team and automatically sort, organize, and place them into your database for present or future use. 

One of the most overlooked features of a competent CRM is its efficacy to develop long-term recruiting strategies. Loxo’s database ensures that you can easily track and contact candidates, wherever they are in their recruiting process. Loxo will help you identify passive and active candidates, giving you the tools you need to develop a talent pool and have qualified candidates for both present and future demands. 

Improving Candidate Experience with Loxo

Loxo’s AI recruitment features will change the way you interact with candidates, ultimately improving candidate experience which will lead to more referrals and increased brand recognition. 

Loxo’s AI will make keeping candidates informed and up-to-date with key information easier than ever. You can maintain important checkpoints, organize a candidate’s steps in the hiring process, and be in a position to inform candidates of any updates along their journey to hiring. 

Additionally, candidates will be happier when you’re able to match them more accurately with job openings. By eliminating human bias and relying on objective, intelligent hiring methods, you can guarantee that your candidates are being accurately sorted into positions that they’re truly qualified and meant to work in. Loxo’s intelligent sourcing and matching algorithm is they key to this process.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the future of recruiting has arrived and Loxo is leading the charge.

Try your Loxo demo today and ensure that you’re getting access to top talent with less hassle, time, and cost than ever before.

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