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AI + Data + Recruiting CRM + ATS

Guess what website this is from? 🤔

Before you say Loxo, think again…

To save you the mental calories from trying to figure it out, it’s a company called Salesforce.

Salesforce are the largest SaaS company on the planet.

Salesforce have acquired dozens of companies over the years to help them put together this AI + Data + CRM (all-in-one) “platform”.

In 2014 Salesforce acquired RelateIQ, which was a “Relationship Intelligence CRM” that eliminated manual data entry into the CRM by automatically syncing emails, calendar and calls.

Salesforce were so threatened by what RelateIQ could become that they acquired them. But RelateIQ by itself wasn’t the only piece to the puzzle.

Salesforce acquired another company called Data.com (previously known as Jigsaw) which provided contact information.

AI powered Recruiting CRM

Many of you may be asking, what does all of this have to do with #recruitment ?

The biggest SaaS company on the planet are now messaging the same core value proposition for sales that Loxo was founded for in 2012 with this exact vision for recruitment …

Today, > 90% recruiting organizations all pay for and duct tape together 5-10 separate solutions.

💡Salesforce sees the same thing we do.

💡Salesforce understands the same things we do.

AI + Data + Recruiting CRM = magic

Talent Intelligence Platform

The leaders at Salesforce understood that a natively integrated end-to-end solution is the ONLY possible way to deliver the magical outcomes.

What does this mean for the future of horizontal SaaS platforms?

SalesForce and HubSpot are going to fight for dominance in the sales market, but who are best positioned to dominate the recruitment space???

The Talent Intelligence Platform will replace the ATS as the system of record for recruiting organizations within the next 5 years. I promise.

Say goodbye to separate ATS, CRM, Outbound Recruitment, Data and Sourcing tools.

Say hello to a Talent Intelligence Platform.

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