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A Recruiter’s Night Before Christmas

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’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the office,
Recruiters were sourcing candidates for bosses.
The Boolean searches were written with special care,
In hopes they would find a purple squirrel to share.

The job descriptions were posted and InMails were sent,
While we refreshed our inboxes with eager excitement.
Undeterred we turned to our ATS to update our files,
Hoping that it would distract us for awhile.

When all of a sudden my phone started to buzz,
I leapt across the desk to see who it was.
Papers were knocked over, and coffee was spilled.
More than anything, I wanted this role to be filled.

I look at my phone and what do I see,
A number I don’t recognize on my caller id.
I take a deep breath and grab some pen and paper,
To take notes that I can reference later.

Enough time has passed and I answer the phone
Only to hear a recording about a low interest loan.
I quickly hang up and throw my pen in protest.
Getting my hopes up, there’s nothing more I detest.

I return to my desk and sit in my chair,
With nothing to do but check my email and stare.
I start looking for more candidates to find
While referencing the job description I previously outlined.

Time is quickly passing, I’m not getting much done.
My emails didn’t get a single response; I’m truly stunned.
I keep at it, searching LinkedIn, Facebook, all around,
knowing the perfect candidate has yet to be found.

Then it happens. “YESSSSS!” I exclaim.
My purple squirrel now has a name.
His resume is perfect. His background is just right.
I try to contain my excitement with all of my might.

I debate the perfect email to draft,
Pondering an enticing subject line to craft.
I write and rewrite so it’s not too long,
Making sure my message is strong.

At some point, I decide the editing must end.
“It’s time.” I tell myself. I’m ready to hit send.
Anxious. I look for anything to pass the time.
When almost immediately, I hear a familiar chime.

It’s there, in my inbox, a message just for me
From my perfect candidate with a master’s degree.
“Hi,” he said. “You have great timing!”
“A career change is what I’ve been pining.”

You agree to schedule some time to meet,
knowing your client will hire him in a heartbeat.
You message the hiring manager, not expecting a reply
Only to read they delayed this hire until July.

You open up Facebook and decide to write a post
You’re so frustrated. The client you will anonymously roast.
Exhausted, you decide to call it quits,
Knowing you’ll be back at it tomorrow with even more grit.

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