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8 Recruiting Influencers Worth Following

In a world where everyone on LinkedIn is a self-proclaimed expert, thought leader, or ninja, it’s difficult to know which people are moving the needle forward in the space from who’s relying on that one blog they wrote years ago to support their claims.

To be fair, I think most people want to be experts at something, but the truth is too few of us do enough to make it a reality. Instead of pointing fingers at those who fail to live up to the hype, let’s celebrate the individuals who do. Without further ado, here they are, some of today’s most influential recruiting leaders (in alphabetical order because just like our parents I don’t have favorites).

Matt Charney @mattcharney

Jackye Clayton @jackyclayton

Dean Da Costa @Deandacosta

Michael Kelemen @animal

Tony Restell @tonyrestell

Tim Sackett @TimSackett

Irina Shamaeva @braingain

Stacy Zapar @StacyZapar

If you didn’t see your favorite recruitment leader listed here, I want to apologize. Unlike the super humans on this list, I have to draw the line somewhere, but don’t let that stop you from telling me who I missed. Know someone who rightfully deserves a shout out? Yell at me in the comments, and I’ll do a follow up with all of your favorites.

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