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7 Recruiting Software Trends We See for Hiring in 2021

Recruitment History and Today’s Trends have come a long way in a short period. From the simple methods of earlier years to today’s sophisticated recruiting software, the journey has carried us toward greater and greater efficiency and purpose. Not so many decades ago, companies simply posted a sign in their window when they needed an additional worker. They hoped the gesture would attract someone qualified for the position, as they happened to pass the location. Later, newspaper ads and articles became available. They made it easier to attract a larger pool of applicants. Eventually, job boards allowed access to thousands of resumes from applicants on the lookout for their next position.

Then algorithms came along, allowing us to find the perfect job/candidate match with minimal effort. Today, we have applicant tracking systems (ATS). Ninety-nine percent of Fortune 500 companies and a growing number of smaller businesses use an ATS to filter through groups of resumes efficiently. But not all ATS systems are created equally. First-generation software, or legacy ATS systems, are built on old code and cannot keep up with modern recruiting trends. Loxo and our 3.0 artificial intelligence (AI) based recruiting platforms are far more advanced, much more flexible, and functional than old legacy ATS systems. Those who want to keep up with modern tech in recruiting must become familiar with and acquire the latest software available, like that offered by Loxo, to follow today’s recruiting trends:

1. Outreach Tools

Since there are so many pros and cons regarding various means of contacting prospects: calling, texting, emailing, LinkedIn messaging . . . an ATS system that allows you to touch base via any form of communication offers the best chance of connecting with top job prospects. Sales teams utilize outreach tools to fill the sales pipeline, so why shouldn’t recruiters use it to fill the candidate pipeline? It’s easy to regulate detailed outreach plans with Loxo’s outreach tool.

2. Recruiting Software with Automation

The ease of automation should be a key component of your recruiting software. Automating your company’s recruiting process doesn’t mean leaving hiring decisions up to machines. It means automating mundane tasks to save valuable time, like sorting resumes by boolean keywords, including such aspects as location, experience, or tenure, and automating follow-up and recruitment marketing campaigns. Allowing AI-based software to hone in on applicants who meet the specified criteria for open positions on your company’s staff roster simplifies the process of selecting the best possible prospects; people perfectly matched to lead the company to continued success. Chrome extensions can help you find candidates via LinkedIn profiles and check to make sure they’re not already in the system. Automating the recruiting process further streamlines the search for the perfect employee for the position you are looking to fill.

3. Candidate Matching

When selecting new employees, with long term staff stability in mind, matching candidate and company values is of primary importance. Locating the best candidate for the position and the company and culture is key to success in any placement. But how much time can you spare to evaluate potential candidates intricately? Technology can do this for you today. With deep learning and AI advanced algorithms, it is no longer necessary to parse through your entire database to compose a shortlist of candidates. Technology can do this at a fraction of the time and cost.

4.Personal Contact Information

You need personal phone numbers and emails to connect with prospective candidates directly. Yes, you can find their profile on LinkedIn, but too many people are messaging them through that platform. It’s much more challenging to break through the noise and grab the attention of a sought-after candidate. The ability to collect essential data must be built into your software program, or you will have to pay a separate subscription and integrate the two programs. Why not purchase a recruiting software program that already offers personal data and contact information collection features?

5. Recruitment Management

CRM Versus ATS Candidate Relationship Management systems do so much more than traditional Applicant Tracking Systems. Basically, an ATS model is designed to create recruitment plans and collect input from prospective candidates. A CRM system maintains a pool of information about active and passive prospects, including previously active applicants in the company’s network. A system that combines both approaches is a choice that will ensure the best results. Many employees and freelancers are open to new job prospects yet fail to seek them actively. CRM helps a company maintain a relationship with potential clients, prompting them to consider coming on board and facilitating a smoother trip through ATS when they are hired.

6. True AI within your Recruiting Software

Is all AI identical in learning capabilities? Hardly. Consider the nature of Instagram or Spotify. They not only detect content compatible with your preferences and send it to your inbox, but they also get better as time goes by, as they learn which types of posts you like best. Not every software classed as AI goes beyond essential detecting and sorting, offering this type of real learning ability.

7.GDPR and Global Compliance

It’s a global world, and top candidates for professional positions often come from other countries. Progressive companies create campaigns that attract the best talent, no matter what the applicants’ current location. But the handling of sensitive personal information must comply with GDPR standards. It pays to purchase software with these compliances already built-in.

Getting to top talent quicker than the next company and finding tools that cut through the noise and directly reach the perfect candidate every time is a priority for CEOs, talent acquisition managers, directors of operations, and small business owners. It’s also our focus at Loxo. Loxo offers to hire and recruitment automation that grows smarter with you. Utilize our complete and comprehensive recruiting platform to find the best talent from around the globe to fuel your company’s success. Candidates that are a perfect fit for your culture are worth the cost of quality recruiting software that’s fully functional and up to date on the latest trends. Sign up for a free account here.

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