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7 Facebook Recruiting Groups to Start Following Today

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If you’re a recruiter and not on Facebook, you’re missing out. No, I’m not talking about the never ending onslaught of strategically filtered photos or the political rants of your misguided but well-intentioned former high school classmates and family. I’m talking about some of recruiting’s best online communities.

Facebook boasts a seemingly endless list of groups to choose from, with each touting their own benefits. Knowing which group is best suited to you, let alone follow, is like trying to pick something to watch on Netflix. You end up mindlessly scrolling for what seems to be an unreasonable amount of time only to return to the comfort of what you already know.

If, like me, you want to avoid information paralysis and have someone tell you which groups to follow, you’re in luck! We have done the homework for you. Here are some of the most active groups on Facebook where you’ll not only find a treasure trove of information, resources, and support but also have opportunities to directly interact with recruiting’s most recognizable experts.

Recruiters Online »

SourceCon »

Secret Sourcing Group »

The Employment Branding Forum »

HR Open Source — #HROS »

Recruitment Evolution »

Sourcers Unleashed »

Do you have a favorite Facebook group? Is it listed here? Don’t keep it to yourself. Unless of course, it’s a secret. Be a hero to your fellow colleagues and share it with us in the comments.

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