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5 Signs You Need a New ATS

It’s that time again. We’re quickly approaching the end of yet another calendar year. As you prepare to say goodbye to 2022, you may count yourself among those who are looking for new opportunities to grow both personally and professionally in the coming year.Chances are, if you’re reading this, you may have found yourself questioning whether it’s time to invest in a new ATS finally. You may have even begun researching your options, even asking trusted friends for referrals; however, you may not have been ready to make the switch in 2022While time is the solution to many life’s problems, it’s unlikely to solve your recruiting pains. Instead, use the current holiday lull to revisit the switch. If you’re still doubtful, here are the signs it’s time to make the switch.

You still Rely Primarily on Your Inbox & Spreadsheets.

If your whole recruiting process is built upon your inbox, spreadsheets, or even worse, paper to manage candidates, it’s undoubtedly time for a change. There is no denying these methods serve their purpose in the early days of any agency. They allow you to move quickly, offer familiarity, and are a convenient option for those with limited budgets.

But, these tools quickly outgrow their usefulness. Inboxes become bloated, spreadsheets become unmanageable, and papers get lost in the shuffle. A good ATS quickly solves these pains and allows you to manage all of your work from one platform.

You Plan on Growing Your Team

Are you planning on growing your team in the coming year? If you are, it’s important to remember that what works at your current size may be unscalable as your team grows.

Nothing is more frustrating to owners and employees alike than feeling stalled because you don’t have the resources to scale your growth. Your ability to be proactive will be instrumental to how quickly and easily you navigate each phase. Instead of waiting until you start experiencing growing pains, be bold and choose the right tool, an ATS, that will scale up with growth.

You Spend More Time Entering Data than Recruiting

Data entry is a fact of life for anyone who spends at least part of their day working on a computer. It doesn’t matter where you are on an org chart. We all have our fair share to do. However, improvements in technology have automated the amount of data entry required of us, if not almost eliminated.

If you spend most of your day copying and pasting between screens, it’s time for an ATS. Modern ATS dramatically cut down on the amount of time you spend entering information, freeing you up to focus on what you do best — recruiting.

You Don’t Have Real-time Status Updates into Your Recruiting.

Take a moment and think about your current recruiting efforts. How many open roles are you currently working on? How many candidates are you engaging for each position? It’s incredible how quickly the numbers add up. Now, imagine if your clients we’re to calling you at this exact moment asking for updates on the status of each role, including information on individual candidates. If the thought of this happening induces anxiety at spending hours manually compiling data, it’s time for a change.

You never have to spend hours on this task again with an ATS. Instead, run a report on your open roles or check out your hiring pipeline to quickly find the information you need.

You Don’t Have Any Visibility Into Your Business.

Imagine driving a car on a dark road late at night without headlights. Hopefully, it’s difficult to imagine because you would never take that risk. Each turn, hole, or change in direction presents new challenges that are difficult, if not impossible, to navigate.

While a lot less complicated, recruiting without visibility into the overall performance of your efforts is essentially the same. You’ll navigate a few roadblocks successfully, but your overall performance will suffer. There will be multiple inefficiencies, and parts of your process will be ineffective. An ATS allows you to easily identify these obstacles so that you can quickly address them and move forward without spending more time on a task that is failing to produce results.

Your Legacy ATS System Is more trouble than it’s worth!

If your current system can’t keep up with the trends and functionality that the modern recruiter needs, then it is time to make a change. The days of the need to integrate a million different tools to get the full functionality you need for your everyday efforts are long gone, and now you can get ONE solution to manage your entire workflow and sourcing efforts. Why pay for more software when you don’t have to? Add Loxo to your wish list this holiday season and treat yourself to a shiny new ATS!

Well, if you read this far, I think it’s safe to assume you can relate to one or more of these signs. Don’t keep putting off the inevitable. Put a new ATS on your holiday wish list and check off one of your New Year’s resolutions. And, if you’re not sure where to start your search, why not schedule a demo with a member of our team and learn how 2022 can be your best recruiting year yet.
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