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Say goodbye to separate ATS, CRM, Outbound Recruitment, Data and Sourcing tools. With Loxo, you can simplify workflows, cut costs and radically improve performance by combining all of these into ONE AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform.

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The recruiting process is clunky and broken

Beautiful things happen when recruiters can source, nurture, and manage everything they need to do on a daily basis in one system.

The Old Way

The New Way

Talent Intelligence Platform

Why Switch to Loxo?

An ATS by itself is not enough. An ATS was designed to manage Inbound Recruiting, but screening inbound applicants is not recruiting.

Outbound Recruiting and Sourcing tools claim to be a CRM, but lack 90% of functionality that both in-house and agencies require in a Recruiting CRM.

Loxo offers the only enterprise-grade CRM that provides all the DATA, updates automatically and integrates artificial intelligence.

Candidate Sourcing Tool

Source top candidates with the world’s largest talent directory

Broaden your search and source talent faster with the industry-leading database of 1.2 billion professional and social profiles from hundreds of data sources, including public profiles and the open web in one place.

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Contact Info Database

Get verified email, phone, and social profiles

Access over 800 million+ verified emails & mobile numbers. Trust us to provide the most accurate and reliable contact information available on the market due to our advanced machine learning algorithms and proprietary data solutions.

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Outbound Recruiting Software

Automate outbound recruiting to become 500% more efficient

Drop candidates into pre-built, custom, multichannel sequences to reduce repetitive work and keep prospects engaged.

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Applicant Tracking System

Get a bird’s eye view of your talent pool

View all candidates across every stage and every job on one single page with our award-winning ATS. Loxo’s user interface and product design is unrivaled in the ATS marketplace.

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Recruiting CRM

High-performance recruiting begins here

Use the most user-friendly and advanced CRM in the marketplace to build talent pipelines, nurture prospects, take notes, view communication history and team activities, and manage your workflow.

Your Recruiting CRM is the foundation for everything you do.

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AI-Powered Sourcing

Automated AI-powered sourcing that grows smarter with you.

With your entire recruiting lifecycle in one system, Loxo’s AI learns hiring preferences, suggests potential candidates, and automates tasks.

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