High-volume recruiting software

Become a hiring machine: Find & place perfect-fit candidates, 5x faster

Loxo is the Talent Intelligence Platform for high-volume recruiters. Reduce time-to-hire by 85%, cut costs by 90% and find higher-quality talent by managing your entire recruiting lifecycle in one platform.

High-volume recruiting requires a high-power platform

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality or efficiency as you seek to hire large amounts of talent at once. With Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform, you can do everything from sourcing candidates to automating outreach sequences and collaborating with hiring managers, all in the same place.

Efficient workflow

3x placements (and revenue) with the Talent Intelligence Workflow

90% of time in outbound recruiting is spent on sourcing and engagement — which is often a very manual process, wading through minefields of unqualified, uninterested candidates. Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Workflow allows you to work on more searches simultaneously by drastically reducing the amount of manual work required — tripling your outputs and reducing time-to-fill, without reinventing the wheel.

What the heck is Talent Intelligence?

Outreach automation

Automate cold outreach and candidate follow-ups

Easily drag and drop candidates into multichannel sequences and automate every follow up message. Emails, SMS texts, voice calls, and InMails, all in one place — so you can 5x your outputs with less than 5 clicks. 

But wait, there’s more! With Loxo Outreach™ GPT, you get real-time assistance in crafting compelling messages tailored to the job, hiring company, and candidate — ensuring higher response rates and deeper engagement.

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The world’s best data — incorporated with your own

Source the highest-quality candidates, with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Gone are the days of siloed data and inaccessible insights. You spend years curating your own database and building valuable rapport — yet traditional sourcing tools don't factor this in when you start your searches.

With Loxo, you source from the gold mine that is your internal database and our proprietary database of over 1.2 billion professionals — then filter using custom tags and qualifications you actually care about.

Learn more about our data (we’re pretty proud of it)

Go beyond traditional recruiting — and leave competitors in the dust.

Build a talent database

Don’t start each search from scratch. As soon as you get the top 10% of talent into your database, your recruiters will become unstoppable.

Search your talent database

It won’t matter if you have the top 10% in your database if you can’t find them. Loxo’s Recruiting CRM offers the best search capabilities in the market.

Nurture your talent database

The best recruiting organizations build long-term relationships and hire top talent when the timing finally aligns for the perfect match.

Master the fundamentals

The #1 job of a Recruiting CRM is to manage the recruiter's daily workflow. Loxo is so easy and effortless, your entire team will be breaking performance records.

Centralize activities and communications in one place

Track all activities and historical communications in one centralized place for your team.

Learn & grow as you go

Leverage Loxo’s reporting functionality to identify areas for improvement so that you keep getting more efficient & effective with every search.