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Loxo Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 2022-03-04

Thanks for visiting Loxo’s Privacy Policy.

We recognize that your privacy is very important and take it seriously. Loxo, LLC and its parent/subsidiary company Loxo Holdings, LLC (“Loxo”) is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of information entrusted to it. As part of this fundamental obligation, Loxo is committed to the appropriate protection and use of personal information. We always maintain high standards of ethics and compliance to ensure we follow every applicable law and regulation; we maintain a clear audit log for any data added to our service to ensure we can keep track of data source quality, licensing and regulatory changes.

By accessing or using the Site and/or the Services, you acknowledge that you have read this Privacy Policy and that you agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy as they relate to your Personal Information (defined below).

Loxo is a B2B Enterprise technology company providing various services and data driven solutions to our customers to help improve hiring and retention, marketing, sales and other business activities, including an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), job board integrations which enable professionals to gain employment to career opportunities, recruiting and sales automation tools that expedite communications and workflows throughout the hiring lifecycle, and an identity resolution engine, where we collect multiple pieces of personal information from a large variety of sources that are already publicly available and make them available to our customers. The identity resolution engine ensures trust can be established by finding the real person behind the online identity.

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What does this Privacy Policy apply to?

This Privacy Policy applies to the Loxo.co website, including all subpages and successor pages (collectively referred to as the “Site”) as well as all software (including application programming interfaces (“APIs”), browser extensions, and integrations with third-party software) and services we offer through our Site (collectively referred to as the “Services”). It applies to information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual (“Personal Information”), which we describe in more detail below. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to (1) personally identifiable information that has been deidentified or aggregated, (2) information lawfully made available from federal, state, or local records, or (3) non-Personal Information (though in order to more clearly explain how we use Personal Information, some collection and use of non-Personal Information is detailed in this Privacy Policy).

This Privacy Policy includes additional notices that may apply to you if you live in certain jurisdictions, such as California consumers or individuals whose Personal Information is transferred to us from the European Union or Switzerland. These notices may include information on how to exercise certain rights you may have with respect to Personal Information. Please see the section below titled “Additional Notices for Specific Jurisdictions” for more details.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the privacy practices of any companies we don’t own or control, any people we don’t manage, or any third-party website, software, or services that we don’t control (including, with respect to our extensions and integrations, the underlying third-party software). If you have any concerns with the privacy practices of our customers, partners, or any third-party entities or sources, please review their privacy policies or contact us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

1. Collection and use of personal information

We and our service providers collect any information that you provide when you use the Online Services. For example, when you register for a service, we may collect basic information about you such as your name, username, password, email address, physical address, phone number, and other personal and business demographic or contact information. You may also provide us with certain employment information in connection with use of Loxo’s service. In some cases, you may have previously provided your information to Loxo.


We use the information we collect and Automatic collection of personal information received from you as follows:

  • your name and contact details to provide you with information about our products, manage your registration, provide you with customer support, or when we otherwise communicate with you, and to fulfill your specific requests;
  • the processing of device and usage data collected via cookies or similar technical means to improve and customize our websites and to guarantee their security and continued proper functioning;
  • to display personalized advertisements to you, and to send you marketing communications about us and our products and services;
  • your billing information to complete transactions with you when purchase our products or services;
  • to comply with our legal obligations under applicable laws and cooperate with public and government authorities.

We only collect and process your Personal Data to the extent it is necessary for fulfilling these purposes and where we can rely on a legal ground for such processing as set out in our Privacy Policy. Where required, we will ask you for your prior consent.

In some cases where you have registered for certain services we may store your email address until we receive confirmation of the information you provided via an email (i.e., where we send an email to the email address provided as part of your registration to confirm a subscription request). Please note that your rights for any particular product or service will be determined by the notice provided with such product or service, and in the event of a conflict between this notice and that notice, the specific notice provided with the product or service shall control. Loxo only collects “sensitive” personal information when the relevant individuals voluntarily provide us with this information, or where such information is required or permitted to be collected by law or professional standards. Sensitive information includes personal information regarding a person’s race, ethnicity, political beliefs, trade union membership, religious or similar beliefs, physical or mental health, sexual life or criminal record. Please use your discretion when providing sensitive information to Loxo, and under any circumstances, do not provide sensitive information to Loxo, unless you thereby consent to Loxo’s use of that information for its legitimate business purposes and consent to the transfer and storage of such information to and in Loxo databases.


1.1 Personal Data we collect from other sources

We may also collect information about you from other sources, including third parties from whom we have purchased Personal Data, and combine this information with Personal Data provided by you. This helps us to update, expand and analyze our records, identify new customers, and create more tailored advertising to provide services that may be of interest to you. In particular, we collect Personal Data from the following sources:


  • Business contact information, including mailing address, job title, email address, phone number, ‘intent data’ which is web user behavior data, IP addresses, social handles, LinkedIn URL and custom profiles from third party data providers for the purposes of targeted advertising, delivering relevant email content, event promotion and profiling;


1.1.1 Automatic collection of personal information

In some instances, Loxo and its service providers use cookies, web beacons and other technologies to automatically collect certain types of information when you use the Online Services, as well as through emails that we may exchange. The collection of this information allows us to customize your online experience; improve the performance, usability and effectiveness of Loxo’s online presence; advertise and market our services; measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities; and generate and analyze statistics about your use of the Online Services.

1.1.2 Information from Loxo Indexers

Our proprietary indexing systems (“Loxo Indexers”) collect information from a variety of sources in order to compile “Attribute Data” about corporations, non-profits, and similar entities (“Companies”) and the professionals that work for them (“Professionals”).

We collect Personal Information as Attribute Data, and to help us compile, organize, and verify Attribute Data, in the following ways:


  1. from publicly accessible sources, both online and offline, algorithmically through the Loxo Indexers or provided by third parties;
  2. through licensing agreements directly with data brokers or other Companies, pursuant to their privacy policies and terms and conditions; and
  3. directly contributed by individuals, about both Professionals and Companies, either by claiming their Loxo Professional Profile or in the form of “Crowdsourced Data”, meaning information and data collected through free Services (subject to the licenses in the Loxo Terms of Service) that we may offer in connection with free browser-based add-ons, extensions, or plug-ins (“Loxo Browser Extensions”).


We use Attribute Data to provide the Services, for internal research and development purposes, and to maintain and improve the quality of our Services.

Our Services are designed to help our customers and partners in a variety of ways, including by helping them verify employment history, identify contacts within organizations by department, role or seniority that might improve or expedite their interactions with those organizations, and enabling them to personalize their interactions with those organizations or contacts within the organizations.

Please note that the use of Attribute Data by our customers is governed by their respective privacy policies. Loxo Browser Extensions

Users of the Loxo Browser Extensions can choose to make certain information and data available to the Loxo Indexers. When you install a Loxo Browser Extension, you may elect to link certain applications, such as email clients. If you do, you grant us permission to access, use, and share certain information contained therein. This information may include contacts’ names, email addresses, social media handles, contacts-in-common, business phone numbers, business-related postal addresses, job titles and departments, company names, company website URLs, and IP addresses. Use of the Loxo Browser Extensions is subject to the Loxo Terms of Service, pursuant to which you confirm that you have the authority to share the information described in this subjection and to permit us to use any Personal Information we collect from you through the Loxo Browser Extensions in accordance with this Privacy Policy. IP addresses

An IP address is a number assigned to your computer or internet-enabled device whenever you access the internet. It allows computers and servers to recognize and communicate with one another. IP addresses from which visitors appear to originate may be recorded for IT security and system diagnostic purposes. This information may also be used in aggregate form to maintain and improve the Online Services and to generate and analyze statistics about the Online Services and your use of the Online Services. Cookies

Cookies may be placed on your computer or internet-enabled device whenever you visit the Online Services. This allows the Online Services to remember your computer or device and serves a number of purposes.

On some of our Online Services, a notification banner will appear requiring your consent to collect cookies. If you do not provide consent, your computer or internet-enabled device will not be tracked for marketing-related activities. A secondary type of cookie referred to as “user-input” cookies may still be required for necessary functionality. Such cookies will not be blocked through the use of this notification banner. Your selection will be saved in a cookie and is valid for a period of 90 days. If you wish to revoke your selection, you may do so by clearing your browser’s cookies.

Although most browsers automatically accept cookies, you may be able to choose whether or not to accept cookies via your browser’s settings (often found in your browser’s Tools or Preferences menu). You may also be able to delete cookies from your device. However, please be aware that if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to fully experience some of the features of the Online Services.

Below is a list of the types of cookies used on the Online Services:

Purpose Description Type & Expiry
Performance (i.e., User’s Browser) Our Online Services are built using common internet platforms. These have built-in cookies which help compatibility issues (e.g., to identify your browser type) and improve performance (e.g., quicker loading of content). Session
Deleted upon closing the browser
Security (e.g. Asp .NET) Cookies If you register for access to a restricted area, our cookies ensure that your device is logged for the duration of your visit. You will need your username and password to access the restricted areas. Session
Deleted upon closing the browser
Site Preferences Our cookies may also remember your site preferences (e.g., language) or seek to enhance your experience (e.g., by personalizing a greeting or content). This will apply to areas where you have registered specifically for access or create an account. Session
Deleted upon closing the browser
Analytical We use several third party analytics tools to help us understand how site visitors use our web site. This allows us to improve the quality and content on [loxo.co] for our visitors. The aggregated statistical data cover items such as total visits or page views, and referrers to our web sites.

We may use our own technology or third party technology to track and analyze usage and volume statistical information to provide enhanced interactions and more relevant communications, and to track the performance of our advertisements.

In particular, we use Google Analytics (“Google Analytics”), a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA as our processor. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyze how our websites are used, including the number of visitors, the websites visitors have come from, and the pages they visit. This information is used by us to improve our websites.

Persistent, but will delete automatically after two years if you no longer visit [loxo.co]

To opt out from data collection by Google Analytics, you can download and install a browser add-on, which is available here.

Site visitor feedback We use a third party survey tool to invite a percentage of visitors to provide their feedback. Cookies are used to prevent visitors from being invited multiple times. The first cookie (1) is set if the visitor is not invited to participate in the survey, and is used to ensure visitors are not invited after their first page view. The second cookie (2) is set if the visitor is invited to participate in the survey, and is used to ensure the visitor is not invited again to participate for a period of 90 days. 1 Session
Deleted upon closing the browser

2 Persistent
Deleted automatically after 90 days or presenting survey invite.

Social sharing We use third party social media widgets or buttons to provide you with additional functionality to share content from our Online Services to social media platforms and email. Use of these widgets or buttons may place a cookie on your device to make their service easier to use, ensure your interaction is displayed webpages (e.g. the social share count cache is updated) and log information about your activities across the Internet and on our Online Services. We encourage you to review each provider’s privacy information before using any such service. Persistent, but will be deleted automatically after two years if you no longer visit [loxo.co]

Other third party tools and widgets may be used on our individual web pages or portions of the Online Services to provide additional functionality. Use of these tools or widgets may place a cookie on your device to make their service easier to use, and ensure your interaction is displayed properly.


1.1.3 Do Not Track

Our Online Services may not recognize browser-based Do Not Track signals. However, as discussed above under “Cookies,” you may be able to modify your browser settings to block all cookies, or to block “third-party” cookies. Cookies that we set on our Online Services are considered “first-party” cookies. Details on your ability to restrict or change the personal information that we may collect about you are listed below under the Choice and Access sections of this statement.

1.1.4 Usage Analytics

Loxo uses several third party usage analytics tools including Google Analytics. More information about how Google Analytics is used by Loxo can be found here: google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html

To provide website visitors with more choice on how their data is collected by Google Analytics, Google has developed the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. The add-on communicates with the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to indicate that information about the website visit should not be sent to Google Analytics. The Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on does not prevent information from being sent to the Online Services or to other web analytics services.

1.1.5 Web beacons

A web beacon is a small image file on a web page that can be used to collect certain information from your computer, such as an IP address, the time the content was viewed, a browser type, and the existence of cookies previously set by the same server. Loxo only uses web beacons in accordance with applicable laws.

Loxo or its service providers may use web beacons to track the effectiveness of third party web sites that provide us with recruiting or marketing services or to gather aggregate visitor statistics and manage cookies.

You have the option to render some web beacons unusable by rejecting their associated cookies. The web beacon may still record an anonymous visit from your IP address but cookie information will not be recorded.

In some of our newsletters and other communications, we may monitor recipient actions such as email open rates through embedded links within the messages. We collect this information to gauge user interest and to maintain and improve the Online Services.

1.1.6 Location-based tools

Loxo may collect and use the geographical location of your computer or mobile device, but only with your express consent. With respect to the collection of precise information about the location of your mobile device, once you have consented to the collection you may adjust this consent by managing your Location Services preferences through the settings of your mobile device. This location data is collected for the purpose of providing you with information regarding services which we believe may be of interest to you based on your geographic location, and to improve our location-based products and services.

1.2 Social media widgets and applications

The Online Services may include functionality to enable sharing via third party social media applications (such as the Facebook Like button and Twitter widget) or allow you to use a social media identity to log into our Online Services where you have the option to do so. These social media applications may collect and use information regarding your use of the Online Services (see details on ‘Social Sharing’ cookies above). Please be aware that certain of the personal information that you provide via such social media applications may be collected and used by other members of that social media application and such interactions are governed by the privacy policies of the companies that provide the application. We do not have control over, or responsibility for, those companies or their use of your information.

In addition, the Online Services may host blogs, forums, crowd-sourcing and other applications or services (collectively “social media features”). The purpose of social media features is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and content. Any personal information that you provide on any Loxo social media feature may be shared with other users of that social media feature (unless otherwise stated at the point of collection), over whom we may have limited or no control.

1.3 Telephony log information

If you use certain service features, we may also collect telephony log information (like phone numbers, time and date of calls, duration of calls, SMS routing information and types of calls), device event information (such as crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser language), and location information (through IP address, GPS, and other sensors that may, for example, provide us with information on nearby devices, Wi-Fi access points and cell towers).

1.4 Children

Loxo understands the importance of protecting children’s privacy, especially in an online environment. In particular, our Online Services are not intentionally designed for or directed at children under the age of 13. It is our policy never to knowingly collect or maintain information about anyone under the age of 13.

2. Sharing and transfer of PII

We do not share personal information with unaffiliated third parties, except as stated in this Privacy Statement, including as necessary for our legitimate professional and business needs, to carry out your requests, to market our services, as required or permitted by law or professional standards, or otherwise with your consent.

In some instances, Loxo may share PII about you with various third-party service providers and vendors working on our behalf. These third parties include providers of administrative, identity management, website hosting, data analysis, data back-up and security management services. Loxo requires these entities to safeguard PII in the same manner as Loxo.

Loxo may also disclose PII in order to respond to lawful requests of government or law enforcement agencies, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements or where disclosure is required by applicable laws, court orders, or government regulations. In the event that the ownership of Loxo or an affiliate or their assets changes as the result of a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, information owned or controlled by Loxo may be transferred to another company. Information may also be shared in connection with the consideration, negotiation, or completion of a corporate transaction in which we are acquired by or merged with another company or we sell, liquidate, assign or transfer all or a portion of our assets. These disclosures may also be needed for data privacy or security audits and/or to investigate or respond to a complaint or security threat. Loxo will not transfer the PII you provide to any third parties for their own direct marketing use.

Loxo and our service providers may use personal information in an aggregated, anonymized form for research and development. This data does not identify you individually, but rather helps to identify trends in user preferences and behaviors. In addition, we may share de-identified reports on user demographics and traffic patterns, as well as de-identified information, with third parties.

Cross Border Transfer. Loxo is a US limited liability company and may transfer certain PII across geographical borders to outside companies working with us or on our behalf. Loxo may also store PII in a jurisdiction other than where you are based and such jurisdiction may not provide the same level of protection for your personal information as your home country. By providing your information to Loxo, you are consenting to this transfer and/or storage of your information across borders. Each member firm is required to safeguard personal data in accordance with its contractual obligations and data protection legislation applicable to its provision of services. Your personal data will only be transferred if appropriate or suitable safeguards are in place. If you are located in the EU you may have additional rights. You can find more information under Section 7 below.

3. Choices

We may require you to provide certain PII in order for you to receive additional information about our services and events. Loxo may also ask for your permission for certain uses of your PII, and you can agree to or decline those uses. If you opt-in for particular services or communications, such as an e-newsletter, you will be able to unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions included in each communication. If you decide to unsubscribe from a service or communication, we will try to remove your information promptly, although we may require additional information before we can process your request.

As described in “Cookies” section above, if you wish to prevent cookies from tracking you as you navigate our sites, you may be able to do so by changing your browser settings. Note, however, that some portions of the Online Services may not work properly if you elect to refuse cookies.

4. Access

If you have submitted personal information to Loxo, under most circumstances you have the right to reasonable access to that data to correct any inaccuracies. You can also make a request to update or remove information about you and we will make all reasonable and practical efforts to comply with your request, so long as it is consistent with applicable law and professional standards. To request access to or correction, updating, or removal of your personal information please contact us via the Contact Us section below.

5. Data security and integrity

Loxo has and requires its service providers to have security policies and procedures in place to help protect personal information from unauthorized loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. Despite Loxo’s efforts, however, security cannot be guaranteed against all threats. We seek to limit access to your personal information to those who have a need to know. Those individuals who have access to the data are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information. We also make efforts to retain personal information only for so long as the information is needed for our professional, marketing or analytic purposes or to comply with an individual’s request, or until that person asks that the information be deleted.

6. Additional Notices for Certain Jurisdictions

Loxo is based in the United States. The Site and Services are controlled and operated by us from the United States and are not intended to subject us to the laws or jurisdiction of any state, country or territory other than that of the United States. Your Personal Information may be collected, transferred to, stored and otherwise processed in any country where we have facilities or in which we engage service providers, and by using the Site and/or Services you consent to the transfer of information to countries outside of your country of residence, including the United States, which may have data protection rules that are different from those of your country.

You may be entitled to additional privacy notices depending on where you are located. Please see the appropriate subsection below that may apply to you.


Loxo has prepared additional disclosures and notices consistent with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Our CCPA Policy, the terms of which are incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy, can be found here.


If you would like to request that we refrain from selling your Covered Information (as defined under Nevada law), please contact us at support@loxo.co

7. Protection of Information

Loxo considers the security of all the information and data within our control to be a top priority, and consistent with this we implement appropriate technical and organizational safeguards to protect from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, such information or data. However, no security system is impenetrable, and unanticipated system failures or the efforts of malicious actors are an unfortunate reality on the internet. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information and data within our control, including Personal Information, is absolutely secure.

Loxo retains Personal Information described in this Privacy Policy for as long as is necessary to comply with legal obligations, enforce our agreements, maintain existing relationships with our customers, and otherwise as might be necessary for our legitimate business interests.

8. Links to other sites

Please be aware that the Online Services may contain links to other sites, including sites that are governed by other privacy statements that may differ. Loxo is not responsible for the content or practices of these sites. We encourage users to review the privacy policy of each site visited before disclosing any personal information.

9. Changes to this statement

Loxo may modify this Privacy Statement from time to time to reflect our current privacy practices. When we make changes to this statement, we will revise the “updated” date at the top of this page. We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Statement to be informed about how Loxo is protecting your information.

10. Your rights relating to your Personal Data

10.1 Your rights

You have certain rights regarding your Personal Data, subject to local data protection laws. These may include the following rights:

  • to access your Personal Data held by us (right to access);
  • to rectify inaccurate Personal Data and ensure it is complete (right to rectification);
  • to erase/delete your Personal Data to the extent permitted by other legal obligations (right to erasure; right to be forgotten);
  • to restrict our processing of your Personal Data (right to restriction of processing);
  • to transfer your Personal Data to a data controller to the extent possible (right to data portability);
  • to object to any processing of your Personal Data carried out on the basis of our legitimate interests (right to object). Where we process your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes or share it with third parties for their own direct marketing purposes, you can exercise your right to object at any time to such processing without having to provide any specific reason for such objection;
  • to the extent we base the collection, processing and sharing of your Personal Data on your consent, to withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on such consent before its withdrawal.


10.2 How to exercise your rights

To exercise your rights, please contact us in accordance with the “Contacting Us” section below. We try to respond to all legitimate requests within one month and will contact you if we need additional information from you in order to honor your request. Occasionally it may take us longer than one month, taking into account the complexity and number of requests we receive. If you are an employee of a Loxo customer, we recommend you contact your company’s system administrator for assistance in correcting or updating your information.

In addition, if you have registered for an account with us, you may generally update your user settings, profile, or organization’s settings by logging into the applicable website with your username and password and editing your settings or profile. To update your billing information, discontinue your account, and/or request return or deletion of your Personal Data and other information associated with your account, please contact us.

10.3 Your rights relating to Customer Data

As described above, we may also process Personal Data in the role of a processor. If your data has been submitted to us by a Loxo customer and you wish to exercise any rights you may have under applicable data protection laws, please inquire with our customer directly. Because we may only access our customer’s data upon instruction from the respective customer, if you wish to make your request directly to us, please provide the name of the Loxo customer who submitted your data when you contact us. We will refer your request to that customer, and will support them as needed in responding to your request within a reasonable timeframe.

11 Contacting Us

Loxo is committed to protecting the online privacy of your personal information. If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our U.S.-based third party dispute resolution provider (free of charge) at https://feedback-form.truste.com/watchdog/request.

“Loxo,” “we,” “our,” and “us”, and Loxo, LLC refers to Loxo Holdings, LLC.

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