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Talent Advocates Unlocks 4.5x More Candidate Conversations with Loxo Outreach™ GPT


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Candidate Outreach

With nearly 25 years of experience in the recruitment space, Riley Newell, Managing Director at Talent Advocates, has seen firsthand just how much the industry has changed over the years. The biggest lesson he’s learned? In the fast-paced world of recruitment, staying ahead of the curve is the ultimate key to success.

The Challenge

While Riley had no problem sourcing 400 candidates, getting them to engage using traditional outreach methods was another story. Enter: Loxo Outreach™ GPT.

As time likes to work in mysterious ways, he saw a notification while using Loxo announcing the launch of the Loxo Outreach™ GPT feature in beta. Armed with his comprehensive job description that painted a vivid picture of the opportunity at hand, Riley set off to finish what he started.

Marrying Loxo Outreach™ GPT with standard job information like the title, hiring company, and job description, Riley was able to instantly create a 9-step candidate outreach campaign — with only a few simple clicks.

“We have an old and pretty beaten job with a client here in Austin and we started an outreach campaign [using Loxo Outreach™ GPT]...I’m extremely impressed with this new feature.”

Riley Newell, Managing Director

The Results

137 prospects found themselves captivated by emails that were personalized, engaging, and hyper-targeted to them.

An unprecedented 66% open rate was a testament to the effectiveness of Riley's approach, as the emails clearly caught their attention.

This is 3x higher than the industry benchmark open rate of 21%

Rounding out with an astonishing 39% response rate, the brilliance of Riley's campaign began to shine through as conversations were initiated, connections were forged, and the screening process became a journey of exploration.

This is 4.5x higher than the industry benchmark response rate of 8.5%

10 exceptional candidates emerged from the talent pool, each embodying the values and qualifications sought by the client.

With meticulous care, Riley presented 4 outstanding candidates to the client.

The pinnacle of success arrived as the client scheduled two interviews, creating an atmosphere brimming with possibility and a high likelihood that one of the two candidates will be placed in this prestigious role.

By utilizing Loxo Outreach™ GPT to bring in more engaged candidates than before, Riley’s deep expertise in the recruitment space is being leveraged more efficiently. Now, he’s able to spend more of his time doing what he does best: identifying top talent, developing those relationships, and presenting those candidates to clients.

Riley’s success story with Loxo Outreach™ GPT and the larger Talent Intelligence Platform stands as a testament to the limitless potential that lies within the realm of talent acquisition. Talent Advocates, inspired by this remarkable journey, now stands at the precipice of a new era in recruitment.

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