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The Best Recruiting CRM With AI Sourcing

Loxo’s Recruiting CRM and AI Sourcing platform is the most advanced recruiting and sourcing technology in the marketplace

This week, Loxo introduced their next generation Recruiting CRM. The Recruiting CRM is now available in different package options including a version specifically built for the world’s largest enterprise organizations designed to bi-directionally integrate with an existing applicant tracking system or HRIS.  Loxo also unveiled a new product called Deals, designed for executive search, RPO and recruiting agencies.

Loxo is the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software. Loxo’s state-of-the-art product suite and proprietary data solutions offer the most advanced recruiting and sourcing technology in the marketplace.

Why do recruiters use an ATS?

In 1998,  the ATS was created to manage the influx of applications from job boards. For more than twenty years, the applicant tracking system has remained the system of record for recruitment centered around screening inbound job board applicants. LinkedIn, career sites and other sourcing tools provide access to an ocean of passive talent, but the problem is all of the data lives outside of the core ATS and none of these sourcing tools integrate across their entire workflow.

What is a Recruiting CRM and how does it compare to an ATS?

In recent years, the Recruiting CRM has grown in popularity with the promise of being able to manage everything in the “pre-hire” process. The intent was to make it easier to build a talent community and talent pipelines and then nurture candidate relationships until it was time to move a candidate into the ATS at the interview stage.

Despite strong KPI improvements, traditional Recruiting CRMs have the same fatal flaws that ATS have – they were designed to manage inbound applicants and are exceptionally weak at search, sourcing and recruiting activities. In other words, the Recruiting CRMs available on the market today handle recruitment marketing and corporate branding activities, exclusively for the pool of applicants who have opted-in to their talent community. Talent acquisition leaders realize this is not an effective model and they are demanding better outcomes.

What is a Talent Intelligence Platform?  How does a Talent Intelligence Platform compare to a legacy ATS or Recruiting CRM and why is it so much better?

Loxo solves these decades old problems and redefines the role of a CRM in modern recruitment.

Loxo’s Recruiting CRM includes AI-driven candidate sourcing, ranking and matching technology coupled with a proprietary database of over 560 million people.  Since Loxo includes data, workflow automation and artificial intelligence solutions it becomes the ultimate in both inbound and outbound recruitment. Recruiting organizations are able to automate candidate opt-in, screening, sourcing and engaging candidates, freeing up recruiters to focus their time on interviewing only the very best candidates with the highest probability of being a perfect fit. This drastically improves the quality-of-hire, reduces time-to-hire and frees up resources to focus on more strategic efforts like diversity and inclusion.

Recruiting CRM offering both Inbound and Outbound Recruitment

“We wanted to take a holistic view of talent acquisition, and explore how we could simplify everything, automate as many steps as possible and create the easiest to use, yet most powerful recruiting platform in the marketplace for both agencies and the enterprise,” said Matt Chambers, Loxo cofounder and CEO. “There will always be recruiters in HR with skills limited to posting jobs, screening in-bound applicants and randomly filtering profiles on LinkedIn, but world-class recruitment teams utilizing Loxo are running circles around their traditional peers by harnessing the power of an automated pipelining and outbound recruitment platform.”

“The business requirements and product design challenges to seamlessly interweave everything we do in one system is extraordinarily complex. Building completely different CRM versions for each of our customer segments made this an order of magnitude more complicated and was our biggest software code release in history. We couldn’t be more excited to see the impact this has for our customers in the years ahead.”

Recruiting CRM for Executive Search and RPO

The agency version includes Deals, which is tightly integrated with Loxo’s state-of-the-art applicant tracking system. The combined platform offers an unrivaled end-to-end system of record for executive search, RPO, recruiting and staffing agencies. Deals manages the business development and marketing activities for agencies, so they no longer need a separate sales CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive.

Recruiting CRM for in-house talent acquisition teams

The in-house corporate version was specifically developed for enterprise sourcing and talent acquisition teams and was designed for bi-directional integration into existing HRIS or ATS products such as:

·     Workday – Workday’s ATS it the Top Choice for Enterprise Fortune 500
·     Oracle    Workday is the #1 ATS system used by Fortune 500 companies, narrowly beating Taleo
·     SAP – Source, engage and hire the best talent
·     UltiPro
·     SuccessFactors – Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Human Capital Management
·     ADP
·     IBM Kenexa BrassRing – Listed in the top 10 best ATS for 2020 for Enterprise
·     BambooHR
·     Paylocity
·     Greenhouse – Best SMB Mid Market ATS.
·     SmartRecruiters – The best talent acquisition software
·     JobVite – Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting Software
·     iCIMS – Recruiting platform and diversity products

About Loxo

Loxo is a best-in-class enterprise recruiting SaaS company specializing in AI and machine learning, combining an ATS and CRM, and includes email automation, SMS texting, VoIP calling, personal contact information and candidate sourcing automation all-in-one easy to use platform. Loxo’s cloud platform makes every aspect of modern recruiting and talent acquisition simple, so companies can find and hire the very best possible talent faster. Learn why thousands of top recruiting organizations and talent acquisition teams across the globe trust Loxo at loxo.co

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