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Sourcing Tool

What is a sourcing tool and why do I need one?

A sourcing tool assists recruiters in finding candidates by scouring databases, including profiles and resumes. Sourcing tools with advanced capacities may also be able to contact candidates. This tool provides advanced candidate information, including addresses, email, phone number, and previous work information. Automated sourcing tools perform this task automatically and independently. There are a number of sourcing tools available, both free and for purchase. You can sort through millions of websites claiming to rank the “top 10 sourcing tools” or “best tech sourcing tools.” The truth is that you must understand your organization’s needs and expectations in order to choose the best sourcing tool for you. In this blog, we will outline sourcing tools and techniques for recruiters. We will provide a detailed overview of how sourcing tools operate. In a very competitive job market, it is crucial that you garner the best talent possible. Read on to learn how. 

Sourcing tools for recruiters

There are a variety of sourcing techniques for recruiters to utilize in order to find the best candidates possible. You can begin your research by looking into free sourcing tools for recruiters or a Google search such as “best free sourcing tools for recruiters.” Furthermore, many recruiting tools offer free trial periods for interested prospects. There are specialized sourcing tools, including resources for specific industries such as tech or healthcare. LinkedIn sourcing tools are a great place to start. Recruiters can utilize specialized searches and join relevant online communities. 

Sourcing tools and techniques

Sourcing tools and techniques should work in tandem to be most effective. We’ll provide some sourcing strategies examples below:

Work closely with the hiring manager. Communicate the desired skills and qualifications for the candidate. This will ensure a narrower, more precise search. Finally, gain a clear understanding of the compensation package and benefits of the role. Doing so allows for a transparent job posting and interview process. Review each candidate with the hiring manager to ensure they fit the job description.

Make sure that you have a diversified candidate pool. Identical sourcing techniques in recruitment yield fewer and less competitive candidates. Utilize your social network, job boards, and talent graphs to find prospects. You should join relevant community groups, both online and offline, to understand the industry and cultivate prospective candidates. Consider LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites. These advanced sourcing techniques set your talent pool apart from others. 

The hardest types of sourcing in recruitment are those for attracting passive candidates. Passive candidates are workers not currently seeking a new job. They are hard to find, attract, and retain. One of the most effective sourcing techniques for passive candidates is the applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS allows you to search and engage with candidates that your team has already researched. Their candidate profile will include important information regarding their work history and education. You will also be able to see why they were not hired for previous positions. 

Utilize these unique recruitment sourcing strategy examples:

Build a strong employer brand in order to have recognition and credibility. This will attract better candidates who feel they understand your company’s values. 

Invest in your marketing to expand your company presence. 

Invest in an advanced ATS. Loxo Source™ is our proprietary directory of 750 million people with verified phone numbers and emails.

AI Sourcing Tools

In short, artificial intelligence (AI) sourcing tools are the future. Not only does AI allow you to find candidates, but the technology can also screen and hire these prospects. AI gets smarter with every search, so the more candidates you screen, the more information is retained and processed. There are significant advantages to AI candidate sourcing. AI hiring discrimination is significantly lower than traditional sourcing. Utilizing AI greatly reduces biases. Removing the human component of hiring can eliminate the inherent biases that we all possess. AI based recruitment companies boast more diverse hires in a number of categories. The best AI recruiting tools are the ones that work for your company. Loxo AI™ Recruiting Automation is the most advanced Talent Intelligence Platform on the market. 

Free sourcing tools

As stated previously, there are a variety of free sourcing tools available online. If the software is not completely free, most SaaS companies offer free trials. Talk to the respective sales team about what makes their recruiting sourcing tools different from others. In fact, most recruiters could learn a lot from a product demo. This walkthrough offers a comprehensive overview of the product and its capabilities. An understanding of different products can determine the best sourcing tools for recruiters. Candidate sourcing tools make recruiters’ lives vastly easier by automating much of their workflow. 

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