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Best Applicant Tracking Systems

The best applicant tracking systems (ATS) can provide businesses with numerous benefits. In addition to improving cost-per-hire metrics, ATS solutions can save businesses countless hours and budgetary headaches while offering a better overview of applications and applicants. When a business needs to hire additional personnel, it’s generally best to hire the most qualified and capable individuals who can definitively fulfill all of the requirements of the position.

There are also more affordable applicant tracking systems like Loxo, which utilizes artificial intelligence technology to help continually improve search efforts for organizations throughout the recruitment process. Cultivating a healthy talent pipeline can be a big challenge even for large organizations with more resources at their disposal, and it can be especially difficult for smaller organizations to develop adequate hiring solutions in such competitive marketplaces.

And because companies are increasingly having to compete to recruit the most talented individuals, applicant tracking systems can help smaller organizations by streamlining and optimizing the process. Traditionally, finding talented employees required a lengthy and costly process that could take months or even years to bring in quality personnel. A company might’ve even hired an outside firm to facilitate recruitment or funnel talented applicants toward various job openings within the organization. Now, however, thanks to comprehensive applicant tracking systems like Loxo, companies can find better-quality applicants more quickly than ever before.

Applicant tracking system reviews can also give business owners a better idea of some of the features and capabilities of a recruitment platform. A healthcare company, for instance, might consider researching healthcare applicant tracking systems to find an ATS that aligns with its recruitment needs and business model. Platform reviews can indicate whether or not a system’s features are adequate solutions for a business’s specific situation, and in some cases, ATS solutions can be customized to help fulfill a company’s needs.

Applicant Tracking System Examples

Viewing a list of ATS systems or an applicant tracking system comparison chart can provide insights into the various features afforded by different ATS platforms and allow business managers to make better-informed decisions when it comes to optimizing the recruitment process for their organization. If your company is a small business looking to expand into another market or open up a second location, you might consider an ATS platform that excels at streamlining the interview process so your company can reach its expansion objectives without delay.

Applicant tracking system examples might include integrations capabilities so recruiters can locate qualified candidates and applicants via social media platforms like LinkedIn, for example. Additionally, with a powerful applicant tracking solution, businesses can more easily manage all of the candidates for a particular position from one centralized location. Previous methods may have had hiring managers utilizing multiple systems or interfaces in order to observe and assess every applicant. With an ATS, however, hiring managers can readily see every applicant in the same place and can better recognize patterns or differences to help improve future recruitment initiatives while ensuring the most qualified applicants make it through to the interview process.

Loxo offers one of the most user-friendly and advanced CRM (customer relationship management) solutions on the marketplace, and can help your organization strengthen talent acquisition pipelines, nurture existing prospects, take notes on the hiring process, and view communication history or team activities to help manage workflows.

Ultimately, the best ATS systems will provide businesses with the tools necessary to identify a deep applicant pool full of qualified individuals. Whether your company needs the ability to post job openings quickly and easily, or if your goal is to simply streamline the employee onboarding process, there is an ATS solution that likely matches your business’s needs.

Applicant Tracking Systems List

An applicant tracking systems list can showcase some of the top applicant tracking systems available on the market, but there are numerous types of ATS solutions for all different kinds of companies across countless industries. Some ATS lists can provide at-a-glance insights about the various functionalities or features of certain platforms, and it can be a decent way for people to decide what they are looking for in an applicant tracking system.

One of the main reasons businesses seek to implement an applicant tracking system is to cut down on paperwork and the stress of managing that paperwork. Not only is the cost of paper expensive, especially for organizations with much tighter budgets, but it can also slow down the process to a snail’s pace. By utilizing an ATS and digitizing onboarding or hiring paperwork, human resources personnel can spend less time ticking bureaucratic checks and spend more time on training initiatives, strategizing, and engaging with employees.

An ATS can also help organizations maintain compliance as it relates to corporate or hiring initiatives. Some ATS platforms can help calculate payroll taxes and automatically file them on time to the Internal Revenue Service. This can help businesses avoid fines, penalties, and negative press. Additionally, some ATS solutions can even help businesses provide resources to implement and maintain health and safety policies, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and more.

Finding the best tools to help your organization reduce inefficiencies and instances of human error is part of operating a business in the modern era. With many modern applicant tracking systems, a business can streamline candidate information as well as the hiring process while ensuring that no applicants or information slips through the cracks and that the hiring process is completed in a timely fashion – all while your business meets or exceeds its onboarding objectives.

Best ATS Systems

In most cases, the best applicant tracking systems for large companies may not be the best applicant tracking systems for startups – and the inverse can be true, too. Because businesses differ widely from one to the next in terms of purpose, internal culture, and missions or objectives, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in terms of applicant tracking systems. But because there are so many unique types of businesses of all sizes, there are virtually just as many ATS platforms available on the market to help businesses optimize the recruitment process regardless of their industry.

Loxo, on the other hand, is one of the best applicant tracking systems for recruiters because Loxo is the only company that can provide enterprise-grade CRM and ATS solutions to help businesses manage every aspect of the recruitment process. By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence technology, Loxo offers one of the best ATS systems currently available on the market. In terms of ease of use and intuitive functionality, Loxo delivers handily, and can help businesses hire the people they need so they can get back to focusing on more pressing business objectives.

The best applicant tracking system for your company will be the one that helps keep your business’s recruiting process focused and organized. Additionally, quality ATS platforms can improve workflows by allowing for the automation of certain tasks (especially repetitive administrative tasks that take place between recruitment stages). Sometimes the best ats for midsize companies is Loxo if you want the easiest to use and most advanced system.

For companies with a strong social media presence, it may be beneficial to utilize an applicant tracking system that has lots of integration capabilities. ATS platforms can also offer dozens of solutions related to the onboarding and/or hiring process. Common ATS features may include things like job posting, talent acquisition, resume storage, applicant tracking, candidate management, email templates, and workflow management – among others.

Applicant Tracking System Free

If you are trying to find an applicant tracking system online or an applicant tracking system free download, there are dozens of options from which to choose. Simply typing “applicant tracking system free” into a search engine can yield over 29 million relevant search results in just a fraction of a second. Numerous applicant tracking systems offer free versions of their platforms or free trials, and in most cases, many ATS providers have paid or subscription-based versions available as well.

In addition to inexpensive applicant tracking systems and applicant tracking system free trial programs, there are numerous benefits of utilizing paid ATS solutions like Loxo that provide enterprise-grade, AI-powered applicant tracking system solutions to over a billion unique profiles. As technology continues to advance at exponential rates, the businesses and organizations that adequately leverage those technological advancements will be in a prime position to oust some of the competition that is less able to adapt quickly.

By utilizing artificial intelligence technology to optimize the applicant tracking system process, Loxo has streamlined the hiring process by automating the most repetitive and tedious aspects. An ATS may collect and organize thousands of resumes or applications, sort them, and deliver a custom list of the best prospects based on preexisting criteria. The same process could take a team of hiring managers weeks or even months to complete, and ATS platforms are able to accomplish this in mere moments. You might even want to start with a free applicant tracking system excel template.

For smaller businesses with relatively few employees and resources, applicant tracking systems can revolutionize the way they acquire new talent. And for small businesses with growth objectives, an applicant tracking system – especially one that is enterprise-grade that makes use of the most advanced technologies available – can help ensure that growth objectives are met and that only the most qualified candidates make it to the interview and onboarding stages of the recruitment process.

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