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080: Mic Drop – Why Aren’t Recruiters Using Their ATS? ft. Matt Chambers

March 28, 2024

matt chambers
sam kuenhle
In this Mic Drop episode, Loxo’s CEO Matt Chambers joins us to discuss the common issue of recruiters not using their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Because you could have the best tech ever, but if user adoption is low…well, what’s the point?!
Together, Matt and Sam explore why this problem persists despite advancements in technology and the changing recruitment landscape. The biggest takeaway? Workflow. When an ATS doesn’t meet the needs of a recruiter’s day-to-day process (and make that process smoother), usage and data integrity will both plummet. It’s part of why Matt recommends a Talent Intelligence Platform, as opposed to a run-of-the-mill ATS. In the modern era of recruitment, streamlining your workflow matters more than anything — which is why leveraging technology that helps you do so is more important than ever!



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:34 – “Our Team Isn’t Harnessing the ATS Potential”
04:01 – Addressing ATS Adoption Barriers
11:14 – Navigating Search Functionality Across ATS Platforms
13:22 – Harnessing the Power of Data in ATS Utilization
14:56 – Fixing the ATS Adoption Problem
18:54 – Advantages of Modernizing ATS Usage
22:30 – Ending the Episode on a Positive Note

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