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Best Practices

077: Tactical Tuesday – Asking For (and Justifying) a Raise ft. Vivien Maron

March 19, 2024

sam kuenhle
vivien maron

In this Tactical Tuesday episode, Sam and Vivien discuss the oft-dreaded, oft-awkward process of… asking for a raise. They provide tips and strategies for both long-term and short-term preparation, as well as advice for the day of the conversation. Some of the most important things to spend your prep time on? Documenting accomplishments, researching salary ranges, and being ready to approach the conversation with a humble and curious attitude.

So whether you’re ready to ask for a raise or simply want to be prepared for when the time inevitably comes, this episode is not one to miss!

Like this episode and want to hear more about salary ranges — and transparency? Check out our recent Tactical Tuesday episode on pay (episode 75).



00:00 – Podcast Intro
02:50 – Mastering the Art of Long-Term Planning for Salary Raises
05:56 – Techniques for Highlighting Accomplishments
09:20 – Strategies for Beginning the Salary Talk
15:03 – Best Practices for Requesting a Raise
21:51 – Parting Words and Podcast Farewell: Top-Secret Tips Included

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