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072: From Recruiters to Trusted Talent Advisors ft. Thom Alascio

February 29, 2024

sam kuenhle
thom alascio

In this episode, Thom Alascio, partner and founder at Palermo Rhodes, joins us to discuss the power of the candidate status report in the recruitment process. He explains how this report can be used to sell retainers, engage clients, and make strategic adjustments in the search process.

Throughout the conversation, Thom’s biggest sticking point is this: the importance of building trust with clients and positioning oneself as a trusted advisor rather than a transactional recruiter. He also shares his experience of transitioning to a fully retained search model and the positive impact it has had on his business.

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00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:22 – Revealing the Power of the Candidate Status Report
08:52 – Delivering Delight: Engaging Clients Through Reports
15:28 – Kickstarting Recruitment: Crafting the Initial Client Roster
21:28 – Crafting the Perfect Candidate Status Report
24:30 – Safeguarding Resumes and Private Information
28:07 – From Contingency to Retained: Thom’s Transition Success
32:40 – Closing Thoughts: Reflecting on the Importance of Trust and Strategy

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