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Recruiting Strategy

071: Trending Topics – Reporting for Recruiters, Part 5 of 5 ft. Logan Heck

February 27, 2024

sam kuenhle

In this episode, Sam and Logan wind down our 5-part series on reporting by discussing business growth reporting and analysis — exploring the importance of reporting on business growth and how it can help identify opportunities and focus efforts.

The conversation covers three core reports: loss analysis, sales rep win and loss, and split the funnel analysis. These reports provide insights into why deals are lost, how different sales reps perform, and the effectiveness of different revenue channels. With these three reports under their belts, recruiters will have insights that can improve their performance and help them become more effective.

Love this episode and want to learn more about how reporting can help you optimize your efforts? Scroll back to see episodes 1-4 of the reporting series to soak up even more!



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:34 – Navigating Business Growth: Insights from Reporting
04:34 – Report 1: Win-Loss Analysis
08:34 – Report 2: Sales Rep Performance Win-Loss Reports
11:26 – Report 3: Split Funnel Analysis
19:00 – Parting Thoughts and Podcast Farewell

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